Eating Pizza a New Way

You want pizza tonight? Well, that decision isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. Gone are the days of simply replying with ‘pepperoni, I suppose’. The universe of pizza has grown massively and continues to expand as people find new and fun ways to eat their favourite Italian dish. Even the most committed pizza eaters will only have tried a tiny portion of what’s available. Here are some unique ways to enjoy your pizza, from tried and tested favourites to emerging trends:

Bagel Pizza

Needing little explanation, this is simply traditional toppings like tomato, cheese and pepperoni placed on a toasted bagel. The beauty of the pizza bagel is that you can eat it anytime as it’s a bagel! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time. Whilst you can eat pizza anytime – it might not be quite as acceptable to society as eating a bagel for breakfast.

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Breakfast Pizza

As if you needed any further excuses to eat pizza for breakfast, you can now indulge in the breakfast pizza. The pizza base is used for placing all your favourite traditional breakfast items on, such as bacon, sausage, potato, cheese and even an egg cracked over the top. This pie would definitely set you up for the rest of the day. The breakfast pizza is the perfect example of how such a simple dish can be a vehicle for many different types of cuisine and its supreme versatility. Fancy Italian tonight? Visit a Restaurant Dublin like

California Pizza

This variety of pizza is often served as a single slice and offered wood-fired for taste. The Californian reference has nothing to do with the dough base but refers to the type of toppings. In the 198-s, a San Francisco chef started experimenting with Californian cuisine in a pizza form. Now the Californian is famous for containing ingredients such as peppers, mustard, pate and smoked salmon, bringing pizza into the arena of haute cuisine.

Deep Dish

This might be a more familiar pizza variety and is the heartiest of all pizzas. The home of this deep pizza is Chicago, where high-sided pans are used to create a deep crust. These pizzas come with an astonishing amount of cheese and other toppings, including sauce, spices and parmesan.

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French Bread

Most of us will be familiar with the French bread pizza and it’s been a staple of students’ diets for a long time. Quite simply but beautifully, it consists of the normal pizza toppings placed on top of a toasted French baguette. Cooked in the oven until bubbling and crispy, it’s a firm favourite that did not originate in France. It is thought the French bread pizza was developed in the 1960s when a well-known pizza man, introduced the ‘poor man’s pizza’ from a food truck on the University campus of Cornell in New York. The truck was so popular that it was run by Bob Petrillose for over 40 years.

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