Horizontal v vertical radiator: which is right for your room?

Step away from the tired old white box radiator and enter the brave new – not to mention warm and toasty – world of modern radiators. When you revamp your rooms, you might like to renovate your radiators with a contemporary upgrade and save money on your heating bills, but should you choose vertical or horizontal? Let’s take a look.

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Horizontal radiators.

If your upgrade needs to be completed at a lower cost and with minimal fuss, opt for a horizontal radiator that can slot right in where your old one was. A new radiator, even if you go for the traditional horizontal, will still be more efficient than your old one. There are many new designs for horizontal radiators, with the old white box style a thing of the past – although you can stick with these if you want to.

Horizontal radiators come in a range of designs, such as classic white, double panel, flat panels, large tubes and metal bars. You can update the look even when sticking with the conventional horizontal style. Remember that horizontal radiator will be cheaper to install, as they don’t require extra work installing new pipes.

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Vertical radiators.

If you are looking for style and sass from your heating, column radiators add a real style statement to any room. Super-stylish, column radiators can help you to save money in the long term. A vertical radiator will need new piping at the top. For the best deal, shop around and get yourself a few quotes to see which suits you and your budget. Companies such as http://apolloradiators.co.uk/designer-radiators/roma-horizontal-steel-column-radiator are more than happy to give quotes with no commitment to buy.

Having a vertical radiator allows more heat to enter the middle of the room – heat that might have been blocked by a horizontal radiator located behind furniture. Switching to vertical radiators and keeping furniture away from them improves efficiency.

Vertical radiators also save wall space by going up rather than along the walls. In smaller rooms, a vertical radiator with long line pipes is not only a great space saver but can also give the illusion of a bigger, taller room. New radiators, both classic and contemporary, will really warm up your home style this winter.


Author: Richard Brown

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