How to spot a rogue aerial installer

There is nothing worse than getting caught out by a cowboy. Unfortunately, they are everywhere – even when you need a new aerial or satellite dish installed. The good news is that cowboys are easy to spot when you know what you are looking for.

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Get the proof

Plenty of good workmen rely on a mobile phone and a basic website; however, if you receive a leaflet through the door and can’t find anything about the company after spending 10 minutes on Google, your cowboy trader alarm should be on full alert.

You should look for proof of location and a trading address, which gives you the peace of mind that they are a legitimate trader who can honour any guarantees or warranties. There are some straightforward ways you can start to spot a genuine tradesman that can save you grief further down the line.

Do they have the proper tools?

When installing a digital TV aerial, it is impossible to do the job by eye alone; therefore, the right tools are essential. If your installer doesn’t have a spectrum analyser, everything is guesswork. State-of-the-art equipment is not cheap and should be reflected in the quote – if it seems too cheap to be true, this is probably because it is. Don’t pay upfront in cash; instead, use a more secure and traceable method in case problems occur.

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Poor workmanship

If you have been scrupulous about checking out your installer, you will have weeded out your cowboy aerial installer long before they get anywhere near your roof; however, if your aerial bracket spacing is less than one-sixth of the overall height or your dish has been drilled straight into the mortar rather than the brickwork, this is the work of a rogue installer.

Other tell-tale signs are cables flapping loose and an aerial drilled into the chimney instead of being attached with a lashing wire. If you are looking for TV aerial installation Swansea, a reputable company such as can ensure you are not the victim of a rogue installer.

Are they answering their calls?

If your aerial develops a problem and your installer starts hiding behind terms and conditions or, worse still, stops answering their phone, you have been the victim of a rogue trader. Contact your local Citizens Advice or police station for more help.

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