A nation of cat lovers – the UK’s favourite breeds

Here in Britain we are and have always been known as a nation of animal lovers and in particular lovers of our own pets. Whether this is a much-loved horse, loyal dog, cute tiny hamster or a pamper cat, we British spend a large sum of money each year on our furry friends.

It is thought that over 8 million people own a cat or a few. This works out, on current population data, as one in every five people and we spend nearly £8 billion a year on our pets and even more on animal inspired products like Cat Lap trays from https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk/

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Some areas of the UK have more cat owners than others, as reported by IAMS UK, with Wales coming joint top with 22% of the population owning cats with the South West region. This is followed by the South East and East Midlands at 20% with the least amount of cat owners being in the North East, London and Scotland, all having a total of 14% of the region’s population as cat owners.

It is thought that overall 55% of owners have a standard ‘moggy’ cat which is defined as a cat that does not have a pedigree breeding.

The popularity of pedigree breeds in the UK is:

  1. British Shorthair – a popular choice both with those wanting to showcase a cat and also people looking for a family orientated cat. British Shorthairs are naturally placid animals and enjoy nothing more than company and some love and attention.
  1. Bengal – a breed of cat that is the result of crossbreeding a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard cat. It is the latter that gives the Bengal its distinctive coat colourings and pattern.
  1. Siamese – these exotic cats are unrivalled in their appearance being leaner and more muscular than other cat breeds. They are one of a few breeds that create very strong bonds with their owners and often act more like children than pets, following their preferred owner around to just be in their presence.

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  1. Maine Coon – are the largest of the domesticated breeds in terms of height and weight and are also probably one of the oldest domesticated varieties of cat.
  1. Persian – these cats have a squashed face look, similar to the pug dog breed and they have very distinctive long, luscious fur.
  1. Ragdoll – a breed of cat that has a cuteness overload. They have everything from adorable faces to beautiful long silky fur.

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