How to Host a Halloween Party that is More Treat than Trick

Halloween is nearly here and with it comes the best excuse of the year to dress up as outrageously as you dare and have a great time! If you are considering hosting your own Halloween party to celebrate the spookiest day of the year, here are a few ideas that could ensure that your guests have a real scream!

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If you are planning a party for a wide variety of age groups, make sure you include games and activities to keep the kids happy and entertained – there are plenty that adults find a s fun as the kids, especially after a few drinks! Bobbing for apples is a classic Halloween party game, and you can add a spooky twist by throwing some gummy worms and other spooky shaped sweets into the water. Use a red, black or green food colouring to make the water look like blood or witches brew! Another fun family game perfect for Halloween is Sardines – make sure you let guests know if any rooms are out of bounds before you begin with this one though!

Food and Drinks – Halloween is perfect for having fun in the kitchen, and you can’t really go too far wrong as the more hideous it looks the better! Any food that you want to serve up can be given a gory twist with tomato ketchup and food colouring, so let your imagination run wild! For the grown-ups, it’s time to create some creepy cocktails! There are loads of fantastic liquors out there that not only taste great but can add a spooky coloured twist to a drink. If you are running a Halloween party in a pub, it is worth making sure you have plenty of supplies ready, including your post mix equipment so nobody goes home thirsty! For kids, you can recreate haunted Halloween cocktails by using coloured juices and omitting the alcohol. Decorate with syrupy slime and spooky sweets!

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Costumes – The fun of a Halloween party is the array of costumes on display. Let your guests know you are holding a costume competition to encourage everyone to dress up and get a few of the guests to judge it. You could even have a few different categories to make it more competitive! It doesn’t have to be expensive to create a great original Halloween costume – head to your local charity shops to pick up a bargain and you will guarantee that nobody will be dressed the same as you if it is put together yourself!

Author: Richard Brown

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