Some interesting facts about Poldark’s heart-throb star

Aidan Turner has become quite the heart-throb since his first appearance in the BBC series Poldark. Bare-chested scenes and galloping his horse across the Cornish cliffs have cemented his place in TV history as one who makes the ladies swoon. But how much do we know about the actor who plays Ross Poldark?

  1. Dublin through and through

Aidan Turner was born in 1983 in Dublin and comes from a very normal Irish family. His mum was an accountant and his dad, an electrician. He also has an older brother who works as a taxman!

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  1. Definitely not two left feet

The star of Poldark started to learn Ballroom and Latin dancing at the age of six and danced for his country until he was 16! He says that despite this, he has never been asked to appear on Strictly and wouldn’t even if he was asked!

  1. Horsing about

Aidan is particularly close to one co-star in particular on the set of Poldark. Seamus, the horse he rides in many scenes has become a real friend and Aiden admits to talking to him all the time. He says they are close and understand each other. Never miss an episode again. If you’re having signal problems, then consider Bath TV Aerial repair from

  1. A part to sink your teeth into

Aidan first shot to fame as a vampire in BBC3’s supernatural drama Being Human. He played John Mitchell in the series between 2009 and 2011. He has also appeared as Lord Byron in the BBC 2 series Desperate Romantics.

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  1. Big screen success for a little part!

The actor has experienced some success on the big screen when he landed the part of a dwarf called Kili in the Hobbit trilogy, directed by Peter Jackson. He even won a Best Male Newcomer Award for this part in The Desolation of Smaug film.

  1. Brushstrokes

As a way to relax, Aiden loves to get the canvas out and let loose with his creative side. He took up painting while filming in New Zealand as a way to unwind. He now has a studio in Dublin where he dabbles in art as it makes him happy and relaxed.

  1. Acting through injury

When filming one episode of Poldark, Aiden actually broke his hand when firing a musket. You’d never know though as he continued filming the scene, despite his hand feeling like jelly!

  1. Man’s best friend

The Irish actor is a lover of dogs, but doesn’t particularly gel with the dog in Poldark, who belongs to the character of Demelza. Aiden says of Garrick the dog that as he’s a working dog, he’s not very affectionate and only comes over when you have a treat in your hand.

  1. The next James Bond?

Aiden has been tipped as one of the frontrunners to be the next James Bond. Can you see Mr Turner in a tuxedo as the next 007? Others in the running include Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy – should Daniel Craig decide to retire from the role.

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