What does a drain cleaning specialist do?

A drain cleaning technician is a professional who diagnoses and repairs blocked drain problems. A drain clog is the most common type of blocked drain. Drainage clogs occur when materials like leaves, dirt, food particles, grease, or sock are stuck in the pipes of your home.

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To help resolve these types of drain clogs, a drain cleaning professional uses special tools like a plunger, an electric-powered drain snake, a toilet plunger, and a plumbing snake. These tools are usually used to unclog drains at residential or commercial buildings. In some cases, a drain cleaning technician might need to excavate a blockage using a drain snake or other tool in order to effectively remove the obstruction from the pipe.

Dirty drains attract drain flies

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To ensure the best results with a drain cleaning process, it is always advisable to contact a professional Drainage Cleaning Company such as Wilkinson Environmental as soon as a problem occurs. The longer the blockage is allowed to continue, the more costly and time-consuming the drain cleaning process will be. The most effective drain cleaning process eliminates most clogs within 12 hours. By the end of the cleaning process, most clogs will be completely eliminated, providing homeowners with the peace of mind that their toilets and sinks are functioning normally again.

A good drain cleaning company will also be able to offer additional services such as checking the drains for damage, repairing these and even conducting surveys of your drains and sewer systems.

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