How to choose a drone with normal, HD and 4K camera

How to choose a drone

It is clear that you have decided to choose a drone that has a camera to record videos and take pictures. The point is that you do not know very well what you have to look for when choosing best drone. These flying machines allow us to inspect the environment from on high and take magnificent videos and aerial photographs. One of the most notable things in recent years is that a drone with acceptable quality now costs relatively little. So, it has never been a better time to fly through the skies.

How to choose a drone?

How to choose a drone

Whether you’re thinking about renewing a drone you currently have or buying your first drone, you need to know how to choose a drone and where to start. We will analyze the different types of drones equipped with a camera to choose the characteristics to consider and the price range you can find.

Types of drones with camera

When it comes to buying a camera drone, we can divide them into two broad categories, drones with cameras that allow high-quality film making and others that also allow filming but where the quality is lower.

For some pilots, a camera drone is not a drone unless it can capture amazing images from the skies. Other pilots want to enjoy flying the drone and do not mind sacrificing the quality of the filming in exchange for a lower price.

Before you start flipping through the specification and feature lists, consider what you would like to do with a drone. How much money do you plan to spend? Do you want to have enough time to fly a drone or taking panoramic photos? Once you have decided on a priority, you are ready to start choosing your drone.

Characteristics to consider

How to choose a drone

The price is not an accurate indicator of the quality of a drone, although it gives us a quick and approximate idea that drones are better than others. In general, the more expensive drones will fly longer and farther, take better movies and photos, and come with more special features. But to make a correct decision, you must know what those characteristics to take into account are. These are the characteristics that you must know.

Battery life: Like a smartphone, a drone runs out of battery. Even in the best models, the flight times do not exceed 30 minutes. Of course, you can always take extra batteries (I recommend it without a doubt), but be sure to include the cost of the additional batteries in the total price of the option you are considering.

Brush less motors: When you read a list carefully, you can find this term. Brushless motors cost more than brush motors, but in return, they offer better performance and longer life.

Camera: if you want to take some photographs and shootings with the best possible quality, the specifications of the camera should be a great consideration. So make sure you look for the resolution that the drone camera has for photo and video capture. Most models come with a built-in camera, but some give you the option to attach your own.


Headless mode: At first it can be difficult to fly a drone for novice pilots. So, some models offer headless mode. It means that when you press the control stick in one direction, the drone will move in that direction about you, instead of about where the drone’s nose points.

Integrated GPS: Only GPS models were integrated into the high-end models, nowadays we can find GPS models for less than 100 dollars. The GPS allows the drone to know where it is at each moment. This device helps your drone find its way back home and improves its overall stability and navigation skills.

Follow me mode: Some drones equipped with GPS also offer this option. Follow me mode allows your drone to track you and follow you at the distance and height that you have indicated while shooting from the sky when you are on the ground or the ocean. You can concentrate on your mountain bike or kite surf while you record your progress. You have to check with the user comments to see how well the follow me mode works.

Gimbal: As the prices of drones increase, you will notice that they start to have something called an integrated gimbal or gimbal. This support keeps the camera stable while moving in high winds and high altitudes. If you want the best video sequences and photos, make sure the drone includes a gimbal.

Sensor to avoid obstacles: A premium feature in some drones, being able to avoid obstacles will cost you money. It could protect your drone from crashing into a tree. As with the follow me mode, some drones do it better than others.

Range: The reach of a drone tells you how far away you can move before you lose control. The most expensive professional level drones have greater reach. No matter how far your drone drifts, keep in mind that you must keep your drone in view at all times anyway. Select only the features you need.

As you can see when choosing a camera drone, you can take many things into account. The most essential thing is that you choose the drone according to the specific characteristics you need.


Drones come with many features that make each one work differently. In-camera drones the exact specifications of these cameras differ, as do other features, such as the type of control, if they have GPS, their size, etc. Some drones have a longer flight than others or different types of batteries. Even the accessories that vary according to the drone.

If you want excellent photos and videos, you must choose one with a higher quality camera. On the contrary, the important thing for you is to have fun flying the drone and you do not give so much importance to the image. You will choose a drone with a lower camera. It will probably save you money and help you find a drone that gives you the most satisfying experience possible.

Choose a combination of quality and affordability

Choose a combination

The price is always a consideration when you make a purchase. When you buy a drone, deciding what price to look for can be overwhelming. The price of drones varies a lot. You can buy drone with few dollars and as much as several thousand dollars. Of course, your budget should limit your options in some way. Also, finding drones that fit your skill level and do the things you want (like taking videos) should also reduce the price range.

However, once you have an idea of how much the type of drone you want, you can decide how much to spend by balancing quality and affordability. A drone can be much cheaper than others that meet your criteria. It is possible that the upper drone does not have a significantly better performance than some of the low budget drones.

As a result, it is important to balance quality and affordability. The best way to select a quality drone is to read the comments and specifications. This information will tell you what features the drone has and how it works for other users. Customer reviews should give you a good idea of the balance between quality and price. If you select a drone that has excellent reviews and specifications and also enters a range of prices that you can pay, then you must end up with a drone that is worth the investment you invest in it.

It does not have to be difficult to choose which drone is right for you. If you are looking for a drone that suits your skill level and your purpose for the drone, you should be able to find one that is easy and rewarding to use. If you find a drone that also has the features you want and that is high quality and affordable, you will get a drone that gives you a sense of satisfaction and fun while you own it.

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