How to raid on twitch

What is Twitch?

It is a video live streaming platform where video gamers live their video game to show other users who are interested in this game. Musicians, content creators, etc. can perform here. Here users can chat with each other too.

Actually, it is an American-based platform that belongs to Amazon they buy this platform in 2014 for about $970 million.

Is Twitch free to use?

Nowadays live stream platform wants a subscription fee for their service. But you don’t need any money to download this Twitch app. And also you can watch any stream without cost. But some steamer’s channels are premium. Where you need to pay a subscription fee to watch their stream.

In Twitch, users can buy one kind of currency which is known as Bits. Bits is an app currency that is only usable in this app. Users purchase this currency to cheer up the streamers.

Can I watch Twitch without an account?

It is not compulsory to have an account on Twitch when you use Twitch for watching. Without having anyone can watch most of the streams. But without an account user can’t chat, interact with other channels, subscribe, or donate that time user looks like a guest who can watch but can’t perform.

How to create an account on Twitch?

When you want to know how to raid on Twitch practically then you need to an account. Without account user activity is limited. When a user wants to create content, chat with others, donate, or raid that time user has an account. There are three types of signup 1. Desktop signup, 2. Mobile signup, and 3. Creating additional twitch accounts. The first two types follow the steps

  • Step 1: Click on the Signup button
  • Step 2: Fill up the all-textbox with the right information
  • Step 3: Enter a valid email
  • Step 4: Verified the email.

How to raid on Twitch

To start a raid on twitch first, you have to write a command then a space after that the channel name. Suppose you want to raid a channel named PetAnimal. Now click on the chatbox then you have to write “/raid PetAnimal”. After that, you click the Enter button. Once you click the enter button then you have to wait 10 seconds for the Raid Now button which color is light purple. After 10 seconds, Raid Now button will be clickable.

When Raid Now button is clickable you see there is another countdown whose duration is 80 seconds. If you don’t click on the Raid Now to Cancel then the Raid Now button automatically active after 80 seconds.

There is another way to raid. For this, first, click on the Raid Channel then a suggested list will appear. If you don’t find out the wanted channel then you can search the channel by name.

What can’t you do on Twitch?

Any kind of nudity and sexual content is extremely prohibited on the Twitch platform. If anyone promotes sexual violence, pornography or any kind of violence may be reported to the security forces. If you are annoying or scamming anyone that is the reason will be banned. Sometimes some users don’t meet the copy write rules. If anyone is violent the copyright rules can be muted or banned. Twitch doesn’t allow hateful conduct and harassing content.

To stop violence twitch also banned some words like virgin, simp, incel, etc. If a user or streamer uses these banned words they can be blocked by Twitch. Sometimes users don’t know the list of banned words time users can set a setting to prohibit these words in the chatbox.

For this follow the steps below

Step 1: Click on the Channel Settings

Step 2: Search the Moderation from the menu

Step 3: Press on the Block Term and Phrases

Step 4: Now make a list of banned words and phrases

N.B: When you make a list of banned words and phrases notice the spelling.

After listing mods will automatically ban these words and phrases from your chat.

Author: Nickolas Cates

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