The best places to travel in winter season

travel in winter season

Every traveler looks for unique places that mark their lives, that leave unique experiences and above all that encourages them to visit them again. Travel in winter seasons in some places you can not enjoy holidays , but in certain places winter brings more tourists than summer. Their activities, their different sports and other entertainment make these places in winter the most visited.

Then you will know the most sought-after tourist destinations to visit in the winter season and they are waiting for you to visit them to have fun and spend an unforgettable vacation. Do not forget to visit your favorite travel agency for advice and give them a tour package that includes everything you need to enjoy the best of these places.

The best tourist places to spend a good holiday travel in winter season


best travel in winter season

Considered the city ​​of love and in winter it becomes more comfortable, landscapes that the snow paints, lights in each monument and something unique to sit in front of the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a warm coffee with that person you love.


places to travel in winter season

Enjoying this place with 6 ° of temperature and fully illuminated is a unique experience. In holiday season and New Year are the perfect dates to visit this beautiful place. Tourists can enjoy night walks, bars and European landscapes.


the travel in winter season

Considered the second largest country in the world and its Christmas and New Year holidays attracts hundreds of curious tourists who want to live one of the best experiences. Tourists can perform different activities such as skating, playing in the snow, building snowmen and endless things.

St. Petersburg

The best places to travel in winter season

A magical place to get to know the authentic reindeer and enjoy the colorful streets of this beautiful place. Here you can take morning walks while watching a colorful sky.

New York

places to travel in winter season

The best place to spend the December festivities. Tourists can practice ice skating and for this they have two huge tracks located in Rockefeller Center and Central Park. An unmissable event.

You know, for the winter seasons these places are the perfect mix to spend a unique vacation, so choose the place and enjoy these winter.


Making one or several trips to Europe is the dream of many. When we see the wonderful monuments, natural landscapes and the enormous historical content of one of the oldest continents we definitely feel the need to go there at least once.

However, the dream is uphill due to the high costs of air tickets, food, lodging, and of course, do not say if you want to buy things there.

All this makes us look for trips to Europe forget us and start thinking about other alternatives.

But what if we told you that you should not be a millionaire to fly to the old continent ? There are many savings options when it comes to travel , the European continent is not far behind.


travel in winter

In this post we tell you about the best dates to buy flights to Europe , based on saving both flights and accommodation, meals and purchases.

In addition we will make a brief tour of the cheapest cities in Europe , so that between what you save in transfer and lodging plus the economy of the city you have an excellent vacation spending half of the money .

The best dates to travel to Europe

The best places to travel in winter

Thousands of people from different nationalities come to Europe every year seeking different attractions. Whether for the architectural wonders, history, culture or even the nightlife of these cities.

There are many who want to go to this beautiful continent.

As it is very clear to us that saving is a priority when choosing where to go, we tell you that the price of travel to Europe varies according to the seasons of the year.

The winter season is the cheapest and the summer the most expensive . From December 21 to March 20 (approximately) in Europe it is winter, which is a cause of the price drop immediately.

Of course, most tourists do not like the idea of ​​going to such a cold place.

However, traveling in this time means that you will enjoy Christmas in a country culturally different from yours , which is an enriching experience.

You will also have the opportunity to walk the streets without the problem of too many people, likewise you will get at your disposal museums, theaters, churches and other sites of common interest cleared for you to enjoy without hustle and bustle.

Enjoy the beautiful winter landscape

Even though the rest of the seasons have already passed and Europe does not keep clothes from one season to the next, winter is an incredible opportunity to find impressive discounts on clothes of all kinds for summer, autumn and spring .

Also take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy incredible prices, including items for home and technology.

Sure, we understand if the cold is not your thing. In these cases the best time to travel to Europe is between May and June , which represents the spring season .

At this time the weather is ideal , it is not too cold or hot, besides that the days are longer, you should also remember that the trip would be a bit more expensive because the visitor flow is going up due to these dates. that the climate lends itself to it.

Keep in mind that a ticket to Paris from Buenos Aires can get you in a large amount of money back and forth with two stopovers, in spring time.

While in the months of December to March, I could get out in the middle of that .

The cheapest cities in Europe

best places to travel in winter

There are cities in Europe that are not so famous, however, they have a great tourist attraction that goes far beyond being simple picturesque towns. For this reason you should consider it in your trips to Europe .

Among the most beautiful and cheap are:

Kiev, Ukraine

In this city you will find that you can enjoy half a day for 24.36 euros net . It may not be too cheap for the inhabitants but it will always be for the tourists. Pack your suitcase and take advantage of searching for the best prices in Kiev.

Belgrade, Serbia

Another wonderful cheap city in Europe. One of its biggest tourist attractions is the fortress, and admission is free. One of the best things in Belgrade you can get live entertainment with street music in the bohemian neighborhood .

Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is one of the cheapest cities in terms of attractions and transport . The average cost of half a day walking around the city is 22.35 dollar.

For its part, the Sofia Art Gallery is one of the cheapest tourist attractions in the city , and if you feel thirsty or tired you can take mineral water from the Banya Bashi fountain.

Even if you want to travel from this city to others that are economical, you have a train that will take you to Bucharest (Romania) in 9.5 hours and in 8 hours you can go to the beautiful city of Burgas in Bulgaria .

Krakow, Poland

Another very cheap city in Europe, its wonders are not only reduced to offer excellent tourist sites, but it is an excellent place to buy varied products at excellent prices .

The best place to buy is the “Plac Nowy” market where there are coffee shops and bars at affordable prices. Even between May and September the Krakow Night Festival offers a free monthly concert.

It is estimated that the cost of half a day in the city is 24.03 dollars. Still do not convince yourself to go to Krakow? We inform you that you can take a train from there to Warsaw and arrive in 2 and a half hours.

Tricks to travel in high season

places to travel in winter

Book well in advance

Prices tend to rise when the date in question is closest and, especially in high season, so you should book as soon as possible. When you know the dates of your holidays you must book flights and accommodation . If you find a flight at a reasonable price, try to buy it at once. Cheap flights can increase in price in just a few hours.

 Travel to ‘cheaper’ or ‘lesser known’ destinations

In Skyscanner indicate that there are no first and second destinations, but there are more and less visited places. It tends to think that if a destination has fewer visits or tourism is worse, but it does not have to be that way. Each place has its charm. Traveling to these destinations has many advantages: fewer agglomerations, lower prices, ease to know the local culture …

 Flexibility first of all

It is not always possible, but if you are going to have a couple of weeks or more, sometimes it makes up for traveling a day before or returning a day later to get a cheaper flight or fly to a nearby airport. You can also be a bit flexible with accommodation . No need to go to five-star hotels, especially if you only use it for sleeping. There are a lot of good, nice and cheap hotels.

 Travel to places that are off season

Another option to avoid mass tourism is to travel to destinations that are in low season. Travel to winter destinations when there is no longer snow and beach destinations when it is winter in them, for example.

Travel with time and light luggage

If you travel light you will not have to check your suitcase.A well-organized and thought-out hand luggage will avoid the check-in queues . However, if you need to check in you can do it online, so you can go directly to the drop baggage counter (a service available for customers who check in online).

Avoiding the queues of security control is more complicated. In addition, they tend to be long, boring and slow especially in high season. To not suffer too much (for fear of losing the flight etc), it is best to go to the airport with time. If you go to the airport by car, leave with extra time to avoid traffic jams or choose a route where there is less traffic.

 Avoid the queues

How to avoid the tails of historical monuments, museums …? If you want to not suffer the happy things, something very common in high season, buy tickets online before. Almost all museums and monuments allow you to buy tickets online. If you want to go to a show, concert or event, also buy the ticket in advance and online, so you will avoid being exhausted and queued.

On many occasions, online tickets have discounts or are cheaper than at the box office, for example: in music concerts.

Accommodation in the suburbs

In high season, the most central accommodations or near the beach are usually more expensive and the first ones are sold out. To avoid the crowds and get a more competitive price you can bet to stay in a hotel in the suburbs or less central. Before booking, check that the hotel has good communications to the center and public transport.

Get up early to avoid crowds and large queues

To avoid crowds and queues there is a very easy solution: get up early. Madrugar will help you get into museums faster and be able to photograph the most famous places of your destination without having to avoid hordes of tourists. You can compensate for the early morning with a good nap.

 Find local places to eat

Find local and authentic places to eat. To recognize a restaurant for tourists is very easy, but finding a restaurant with typical food and at a good price is not very complicated either, you just have to stray a couple of streets or ask a resident.

Organize an alternative route

If you want to avoid the most touristic places of your destination you can plan an alternative route. This type of routes take you to less known and visited places, but equally beautiful. To organize the route you can consult travel blogs or ask the locals.

Relaxation and good humor

For many precautions that you take in high season, it is very likely that at some point you will find queues, places where it is difficult to move, suspect that you have paid more for a dinner, masses of people … Do not worry, think that you are already there and you can not do much more. The key is to take it with philosophy. Remember that you are on vacation and that you can do whatever you want. Enjoy to the fullest, let yourself go, relax and do not lose your good humor.

Finally, it may seem unlikely, but Africa has become the favorite destination of the wealthiest travelers in the winter holiday season. According to a study conducted by the Virtuoso luxury travel in winter season network, this continent has seen its popularity increase by 28% compared to the previous year. South Africa, Italy, France, China or Spain are some of the countries that are also on this lucky list.

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