Wedding dresses: class and elegance beyond all limits

wedding dresses: class and elegance beyond all limits

wedding dresses: class and elegance beyond all limits. The wedding dress is the choice par excellence because it is able to describe your personality, your tastes and the style with which you want to get married. Like an open book, through its textures and colors combined with  ad hoc elegant shoes and the right accessories, it is able to tell your story and make you express it to the fullest. Among the many models proposed by Innocentia will you hide the one most prone to your curves and your appearance?

Long life to lace!wedding dresses: class and elegance beyond all limits

When choosing the suit, there are two determining factors: the model and the fabric. The first will be able to highlight the strong points and to blunt those who love each other less; beyond the model that will have the best, it is the fabric that determines the quality and the preciousness of the outfit . Innocentia knows something about it. This is why 2019 has created lace wedding dresses,  emblems of classicism and elegance. It is no coincidence that lace, together with embroidery, is the form of enrichment of the most fashionable textile accessory. The texture takes over and spreads like an oil stain in the upper part of the bust , embellishing the decollete and the bride’s shoulders: a valid solution for the incurable romantic who can not say no to the classic styles that never die.

Geometry question: lines and abstract shapeswedding dresses: class and elegance beyond all limits

Among the sensual models, and to say the least perfect even for curvy brides, dresses appear here and there whose geometric lines draw abstract and impalpable shapes . Broken straight lines have fun creating triangles and polygons from the bust down, playing with adhesions and semi transparencies . An ideal mix for brides with a slender body who want to emphasize even the most hidden forms. Keep reading TIPS FOR STRESS-FREE WEDDING PLANNING

A modern style that marries in an excellent way with women at the forefront. And that clearly recalls more casual accessories to defuse the whole figure. The geometric patterns extend even to the feet or the arms, while the sleeveless patterns create an escape in the central part.

Backside gifts and princelywedding dresses: class and elegance beyond all limits

The train is one of the most admired parts of the dress that, together with the hairstyle, offers the backside view offered to friends and relatives. But there really is something for everyone: from the minimal train to the ground ideal for the celebrations en plein air to the cathedral one along a dream with endless models, to go to the regal and sumptuous , perfect for those who want to crown the dream of wedding with romantic  phrases of love . And what about the Watteau ? The train descends soft and light from the shoulders or shoulder blades, leaving the lower part of the body free. Among the dresses Innocentia 2019 make their appearance alsoprincely skirts, soft and voluminous that alternate as in a competition with long and sumptuous tails.

A collection full of possibilitieswedding dresses: class and elegance beyond all limits

The freedom of choice is one of the “sine qua non” conditions collection which features a wide range of dress cuts on the catwalk : from the timeless princely style to the sensual petticoat and mermaid models. In particular, the redingote, the radical chic dress par excellence, minimalist, essential. It is softly sexy, is distinguished by its characteristic “intimate” that sometimes outlines the shape of the breasts without wrapping it. And large slits on the legs , while in other cases confer a more solemn style when enriched with beads. And embossed decorations. Equally classy mermaid wedding dresses, which appear less adherent to the classic models. And end with a visible but never exaggerated train .

It’s easy to say whitewedding dresses: class and elegance beyond all limits

The chromatic variety presented 2019 collection of wedding dresses ranges from ice white with soft gray. And blue traces , a cool but elegant shade, to classic natural white. And then to ivory , warmer, and nude . In particular these last two variants are combined in an excellent way with a natural bridal makeup that can bring out the complexion of the complexion. Several possible solutions to stay true to the traditional white while choosing the nuance that best suits you.

3D flowers, beads and feathers: patterns for all tasteswedding dresses: class and elegance beyond all limits

The clothes are embellished with trendy applications such as beads, feathers. And, last but not least, flowers : one of the symbols that best expresses femininity. And which is not afraid to make its appearance in many models of the collection. The floral fantasy is concentrated on the upper part of the bust to pour over the skirt as both print. And 3D , which, applied directly above the dress, create a fun visual effect.

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