How To Fix A Broken Nail At Home?

How To Fix A Broken Nail At Home?

Accidentally broken nail on the hand is a nuisance for any woman who looks after her appearance. If the nail was “his”, then it is a pity for the time spent on growing it if it is enlarged – it is a pity for the money spent on a manicure. Anyway, theoretically damaged claw, you can try to restore at home, as we will tell you in this article.

How To Fix A Broken Nail At Home?

What cannot be done categorically?

Let’s start with references to what you shouldn’t do, no matter how hard you want to save your manicure:

  1. Try to restore the nail, if it is broken at the root, that is, with the formation of a wound in the skin under it. In this case, you need to first think about your health, and not about a manicure. Attempts to remedy the situation at home can cause an infection, so this nail should either be cut off, having treated the wound with an antiseptic and covered with a plaster, or it can be entrusted to an experienced manicure specialist.
  2. Use super glue, glue-moment and other adhesives of a similar plan. They have a very negative effect on the state of the nail plate: this way you may fix the damage for a couple of days, but later the plate will become more fragile and fragile.

How To Fix A Broken Nail At Home?

How to repair broken nail yourself?

We now turn to the permitted list of what to do if the nail is broken. The most popular method involves the use of glue for nails, self-adhesive fabric, nail files and some means for decreasing the surface of the nail plate (for example, alcohol). To fix the damage with these simple tools, you need to do the following:

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  • Polish the damaged area of the nail with a nail file or a buff to maximize its surface.
  • Degrease this area with an appropriate product.
  • Apply a small piece of self-adhesive fabric (preferably silk) to the broken area. The fabric should completely cover the crack, as well as a slightly nearby surface.

How To Fix A Broken Nail At Home?

  • Apply glue to the nails over the self-adhesive fabric to fix and strengthen this kind of “patch”.
  • After the glue dries, polish the damaged area again with a nail file or polishing buff.
  • Apply one or two coats of colored varnish to make the damage completely invisible.

This is, in fact, a universal method that can be used regardless of where the claw has broken. However, he, like any other method for manicure repair, cannot guarantee a long-term effect. Therefore, it is desirable in the next few days after an unpleasant incident to contact your master, so that he professionally restored the nail plate.

Repair with tips

Another option of how to reanimate the damaged nail at home involves the use of special tips. This is, in fact, an artificial nail plate, which, after gluing, can be “adjusted” to the size and shape of the rest. When using it, the following should be done:

  • Remove the lacquer coating, polish and clean the damaged nail from all sides.
  • Degrease the inner surface of the tips (for this, again, you can use medical alcohol, as a last resort – nail polish remover).
  • After drying, apply the special glue on its inner side.

How To Fix A Broken Nail At Home?

  • Attach the tipsy to your own nail so that their bases coincide, and lightly press it for tight contact.
  • After the glue dries, give the resulting nail plate the desired shape and cover it with colored varnish.

How to prevent nail breakage?

In order to think as little as possible about how to fix a broken nail, it is best to worry about the health and strength of your nail plates in advance. To do this, do not interfere with the following rules:

  • Provide your nails with enough calcium and sulfur so that they do not break and flake, respectively. If you see that they began to look worse than before, add special vitamins to your diet.
  • Use nail oils and cuticles, contributing to their strengthening and healing. For example, recently active oxygen products have become very popular.

How To Fix A Broken Nail At Home?

  • Do not expose your nails to frequent chemicals. For this, including, wear rubber gloves when cleaning with them.

Thus, to restore the nail, which is broken, at home – quite a doable task. However, for the best effect, it doesn’t hurt to turn to the manicure master, and to prevent such situations – to provide your nail plates with proper care.

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