The Value Of Wrinkles On The Forehead

The Value Of Wrinkles On The Forehead

Wrinkles on the forehead, both in women and men, are formed not only as a result of past years, closer to old age. It happens that small wrinkles adorn the faces of very young girls, appearing as a result of some external factors, character traits, habits, mimic grimaces. Tiny or deep folds on the face can tell a lot about a person, ranging from habits and ending with possible health problems. What is the origin and significance of wrinkles on the faces of often very young women?

The Value Of Wrinkles On The Forehead

Causes of different types of wrinkles

Wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and in the corners of the eyes are formed for various reasons. There are three main types of wrinkles:

  • mimic;
  • radiation;
  • endogenous;

Mimic wrinkles are located in the eye area, on the nose near the eyebrows and on the forehead. They appear in youth, becoming clearer with age, as a result of the action of active facial muscles in the course of the manifestation of various emotions that have become familiar grimaces.

The Value Of Wrinkles On The Forehead

Radial wrinkles are a direct result of frequent and long sun exposure. They occur on the cheekbones, forehead, chin, around the eyes. The endogenous type of wrinkles appears only with age as a result of structural changes in the skin. Age-related wrinkles most often occur on the forehead, in the area of the mouth in the form of nasolabial folds, on the neck, in the decollete area, on the hands.

Types of skin fold on the face

Wrinkles can tell a lot, but before finding out the meaning of the longitudinal and transverse, vertical and horizontal skin folds, it is worth remembering some names and zones where they often occur. Wrinkles in the center of the forehead do not have a special term, but those folds that are formed above the eyebrows are called frown wrinkles. In the outer corners of the eyes are “chicken legs”. Eyebrows may form on the nose, folds that go down from the wings of the nose are called nasolabial. Smudged wrinkles form over time in the corners of the mouth, purse-string wrinkles form along the contour of the upper lip, wrinkles of the “puppet” appear on the chin, which is clearly seen in examples with pictures.

The Value Of Wrinkles On The Forehead

Aging skin as a sign of health

Although women are actively struggling with wrinkles and trying to disguise them with cosmetics, it may be best to take care of their health. Wrinkles on the face are often a marker that signals problems with certain internal organs. Even young people on the forehead may appear quite deep lines, unusual for this age. They can be the result of malnutrition, lack of activity, sedentary lifestyle, constant stress. In any case, wrinkles in the forehead area of a woman of 25-30 years old – this is another reason to think about the state of your body.

Wrinkles on the forehead

The vertical line on the forehead indicates problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and if there are many such lines, this indicates a person’s propensity to alcoholism. Horizontal wrinkles in the upper part of the forehead often accompany diseases of the genitourinary system, longitudinal folds in the central part – a signal of problems with the intestines. Short wrinkles on the face may indicate frequent stress, depression, disorders of the nervous system.

The Value Of Wrinkles On The Forehead

Creases between eyebrows

A deep crease on the face between the eyebrows may appear with problems with the liver, digestion. Wrinkles on the nose are often the result of improper metabolism. Vertical folds indicate arrhythmia, and horizontal ones indicate osteochondrosis.

The Value Of Wrinkles On The Forehead

The early appearance of wrinkles is not a reason for panic, you can always try to remedy the situation without resorting to cosmetics and anti-aging procedures. Revise your lifestyle, add active physical exertion, drink a course of vitamins, take a routine examination, and if you are too emotional, try to frown less. Healthy sleep lasting at least 7-8 hours is also needed as a prevention of the appearance of wrinkles.

Loose skin around the eyes, mouth, and chin

Nasolabial folds also indicate possible problems with the digestive tract. A deep fold on the right side indicates problems with the gallbladder, long lines to the chin. a predisposition or the presence of an ulcer, gastritis. Small vertical wrinkles above the upper lip often accompany diseases of the genital organs, and in the corners of the mouth – kidney disease or vitamin D deficiency. Semicircular traces on the face under the eyes are formed during kidney and bladder diseases. Puppet wrinkles may appear on the chin, and this is a reason to check the functioning of the hormonal, urinary system and kidneys.

The Value Of Wrinkles On The Forehead

Wrinkles and human character

Being a kind of indicator of physical health, the wrinkles on the face of women also indicate those or other character traits inherent to their owners. We are talking about mimic wrinkles, as a result of the manifestation of emotions or their suppression (this also happens). This subject studies physiognomy and to some extent psychology, but in real life, the ability to determine the mood and temperament of a person by his facial wrinkles will not be superfluous. As for the prediction of fate, let this skill remain in the hands of professional fortunetellers.

As a rule, a person with an open and optimistic outlook on life laughs and smiles a lot, his face is decorated with wrinkles, diverging from the outer corners of his eyes (“chicken legs”).

The Value Of Wrinkles On The Forehead

A gloomy character leads to the formation of vertical wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows. However, physiognomy allows you to get more detailed information about the character and habits of women on facial wrinkles than the tendency to certain emotions. Deep wrinkles on the bridge of the nose indicate the habit of thinking a lot about serious things.

If the folds go down from the corners of the mouth, this is considered an indicator of a rather gloomy, unsociable character. The value of the wrinkles on the chin – experienced suffering, and the circular folds around the mouth give stubbornness, restraint, and willpower. What is the meaning of the mesh over the eyebrows? Such wrinkles on the face are a person who is often prone to wonder.

The Value Of Wrinkles On The Forehead

Specific changes on the face and their meaning

The deeper mimic wrinkles, the more pronounced in a person this or that property of character. Take a look in the mirror, perhaps you will learn a lot about yourself! For example, physiognomy asserts that two or more vertical wrinkles on the bridge of the nose indicate excessive self-discipline, self-discipline, and perfectionism. More than three horizontal lines on the forehead give a person with good mental abilities, the meaning of a deep vertical line is determined, and a grid of fine wrinkles on the bridge of the nose is a sign of a responsible person.

The meaning of the lines descending from the corners of the mouth to the chin is interpreted as a sign of experienced loss, grief, loss of something in personal or professional terms. The longitudinal fold on the upper lip means, according to scientists, the ability to hide their emotions behind a forced smile, without showing their true feelings. This property characterizes a lonely and vulnerable person. The dimples on the cheeks give out jovial, the soul of the company, a tense chin – unbending strength of will, the importance of the dimples on the chin – optimism and a benign attitude to life.

The Value Of Wrinkles On The Forehead

Thus, wrinkles, both age and mimic, which appear in very young women, can tell a lot about the health and character of their owners. A healthy lifestyle and positive emotions will help prevent premature aging of the skin, and massage and proper nutrition will rejuvenate better than any operations. Moreover, tiny wrinkles give the woman a zest, individuality, and their total disguise turns the face into a lifeless mask.

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