Things to Consider when Planning a Hen Night

If your close relative or best friend has recently got engaged, they will more than likely be looking to commence planning a wedding as soon as possible. This may well mean that you will be given the task of bridesmaid – and one of the responsibilities that comes with it is the planning of the hen party! Some people relish this job more than others, and it comes with varying degrees of stress, depending on the temperament of the bride to be, the size of the wedding party and what sort of hen party the bride to be is after.

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If you are the person in charge of this and are wondering where on earth to start – don’t worry! It is perfectly normal to feel like you have an overwhelming responsibility on your hands. The first thing to do is to speak with the bride about what sort of a hen night she wants. She will probably have her own ideas and will be able to give you more detail on how many she will be inviting, what those people like to do, and so on.

Once you have an idea of what sort of a party the bride is after, you will be able to get a few ideas together of your own. The more time you have the better, as it will give you the chance to contact people who are invited, and it also gives people the opportunity to spread the cost of the event out over a longer period of time, so the earlier you begin to plan, the more likely people are to take you up on the invite!

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If you are struggling to think of what to do, then think about who is coming – is it a crowd who are mostly young and single? A weekend in Ibiza, a night out on the town or a fun filled night out at a casino are all great ideas. If the guests have commitments such as child care or the bride is inviting her mother and maybe even her grandmother, then something more sedate may be a better call and also remember that people who have children may be on a tighter budget.

Of course this does not mean it will not be fun – a meal at a restaurant the bride to be loves, or even a family fun day with a bar and activities for everyone such as rodeo bull manufacturer to provide the entertainment, or you could hire a magician or local band to make a mini festival that can be fun for all the family.

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