What skills and qualities does a receptionist need

Receptionists are incredibly important to a business as they are often the first face that someone will see when they visit your place of work. They can carry out a number of functions such as showing your visitors to a waiting area where they can get a drink and sit on some comfortable Reception Chairs whilst they wait, they may answer a general enquiries telephone line and deal with any post or parcels that are coming in or going out of your business. It is a very varied role and this is why it is important that you look for a receptionist with some of the skills and qualities mentioned below.

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Good customer service – you want your receptionist to have impeccable customer service skills as they are effectively the front facing part of the business. This may mean that you send your chosen receptionist on a customer service course or you look for someone with experience in this area when you are recruiting for the role.

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Multitasking – because the day to day work of a receptionist is so varied there will be times when there are a number of tasks that need to be completed. It is important that your receptionist can plan their own workload and prioritise effectively to be able to complete the tasks that are most important first. It is also important that this multitasking does not start to show on their faces and that they can maintain a calm exterior.

Computer skills – you will probably want your receptionist to also answer some generic emails and potentially use booking systems to sign in visitors and also manage the use of the meeting rooms so having someone with good computer skills is a must.

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