Old age is an inevitability, but it doesn’t have to be lonely.

We are all of us going to get old. Its quite a sad fact but we don’t have to be too concerned as recent information put out by the World Health Organisation would suggest that it is time to rethink the ages that we consider ourselves old and even middle age is changing. There is an old saying “life begins at 40” but there is also a newer saying the “50 is the new 40” and “40 is the new 30” etc and it’s as if the World Health Organisation has heard all this and decided that, yep that’s a good idea let’s look at that and take it at face value. One thing that is a worry is that the age of loneliness is starting to take a hold on us. There is real concern that the mental impact of loneliness is going to have a hugely negative effect with a large proportion of elderly figure reporting that they are feeling more and more isolated and lonely. One of the best ways to combat that is to be around people in a community. Park Homes Gloucester is a place where there is that community and togetherness as you can see from a visit to http://www.parkhomelife.com/ that shows you the great spirit that is evident.

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There are many ways that you can combat loneliness. First off just because you have retired it doesn’t mean that you have to stop work. You just don’t have to do it so much and the answer is there are many many organisations that are in desperate need for a volunteer. One of them is the National Trust so that is certainly something that you could consider as you can learn a lot about a beautiful place and get to go there every day. There are plenty of other museums that need support and volunteers are a great way of getting to know people and forming new friends and interests.

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You can also look at societies and membership of clubs. Try and think of an interest that you have always wanted to find out more about. You could also become an expert in a field that you have always had an interest in. There is also the possibility of returning too, or maybe even going for a first time to College or University. You have plenty to do and see and be.

Author: Richard Brown

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