Is your tie revealing your personality?

Ties are an ancient form of identification and also tidy up the whole collar area. They can also tell us a fair bit about the person wearing and what their tastes, likes and dislikes plus overall personally it like. No really it can! Allow me to explain but before that why not go and take a look at some stylish menswear from Ralph Lauren Menswear available at EJ Menswear.

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For example a striped tie suggests you have deep-rooted traditions of a gentlemanly nature and put immense emphasis on order and organisation. For uniforms, striped ties are more prominent and can be traced back to the military where they can reflect the wearer’s regiment. While others may believe you are rigid, you see it as typical and centred on your target. Either that or you’re simply a rugby lad enjoying your best life with a tie across your head sad that England failed to beat Wales.

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The geometric design lover is a geek. The geometric pattern is often followed by bold colours, usually reserved for individuals who have a mind for IT or technology in general. Very frequently, the pattern itself is synonymous with becoming a ‘geek’ – but the majority who are identified with this title wear it happily, despite the seemingly derogatory connotations! The explanation is, those who favour this movement are typically rational and forward looking, but with a passion for imagination.

If you favour the animal print then look out! You’re o put it plainly, friendly and light-hearted and don’t take anything too seriously. You exude optimistic vibes and are unquestionably distinctive.

Sound familiar? No, I thought not.

Author: Richard Brown

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