Can a Star Wars Wedding become a reality?

In a world full of cookie-cutter style weddings, having a theme wedding that both you and your partner are passionate about can be a great idea. The most popular ones have always been historic in nature, but the trend has recently taken a decidedly more futuristic turn.

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The Boys’ Turn To Choose

From Romantic Medieval weddings to Roaring Twenties, a vintage wedding theme can really add that special something to the event and the photos. However, there is a marked increase in grooms wanting to pick the theme of the wedding, and while the bride might be happy to go along with the idea, there is plenty to consider.

This is because for those geeks and nerds out there who would rather channel their inner Jedi for the day, the possibility of getting their Star Wars theme wrong is a big risk. Despite the Hans Solo and Leia angle, Star Wars is not a romance – it’s an action film. It involves a lot of costumes that are militaristic in nature, and there is really only one girl.

Don’t Be Princess Leia

If the temptation to don a plain white dress and attach a couple of buns to the side of your head is very strong, by all means do so. However, the internet would recommend you carry out a bit of research before getting in your Land Cruiser.

How To Do A Star Wars Wedding Right

No matter how much the groom wants to see you in a golden bikini, it is your wedding too, and most brides want a big, white dress. The best approach here is to use some accessories that incorporate the theme. Check out this New York couple’s take on the theme for their big day. Go for Storm Trooper groomsmen and bridesmaids if you like. Have a light sabre duel instead of a first dance. Maybe even have your wedding inside the death star made from Tensile Fabric Structures which are an excellent choice for permanent or semi permanent buildings.  You can find out more from businesses like spatialstructures to see what they could do for you!

Alternatively, imagine you are a new hero and heroine in the Star Wars story and go for the overall atmosphere of the far-away galaxies. The long, flowing clothes can be very flattering and romantic. Moreover, your guests can merge their costumes from the last medieval wedding they attended with a light sabre and utility belt. You might even get a few tiny ewoks as guests.

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