Reduce, Reuse, Re-Cycle and Repair, saving the Earth, one day at a time

We are learning more and more about the terrible impact global warming is having on our fragile Earth and we are starting to Reduce our waste, Reuse our items, Re-cycle our food, and Repair broken goods much more than ever before.  The topic of our unstable environment is high on the list of priorities for most Governments and here in the United Kingdom legislation is being put into place to improve air and water quality, protect our wildlife, and encourage us to reduce, reuse, re-cycle or repair items that would normally have just been thrown away.

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We are living through a very difficult financial era where the cost of living is higher than it’s been for a long time and normally affluent families are struggling to make ends meet.  Heating costs are soaring, food prices are high, filling a vehicle with petrol or diesel takes a big chunk of wages and interest rates have increased on mortgages and personal loans. So Repair it, rather than replace it, something as simple as having Milton Keynes garage door repairs undertaken by a professional company such as rather than just having new doors automatically installed.  Having a go at lovingly restoring a wooden dining table and chairs rather than throwing them away or even just repairing an ordinary garden ornament with glue. Anything you can do to Reduce waste, Reuse products, Re-cycle items or Repair them will help in some small way to Save our Earth one day at a time.

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The Environmental Act that only became law in 2021, was brought in after the United Kingdom left the European Union.  It gives our great Country, powers to enforce specific targets on large companies and individuals regarding, air quality, biodiversity, water, and waste reduction.  Climate Change, soil erosion, pollution, deforestation, agriculture, Sealife and the environment are all “Hot Topics” on most countries’ agendas. Our whole Ecco system is hanging in the balance and the future of Mankind rests as firmly on the shoulders of the ordinary people of today as it does on the shoulders of the Politicians and the Government. Make a stand, do your bit, if everybody lived by the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair” the whole World would be a better place.  Individually we must stand together to Save our Fragile Earth.

Author: Richard Brown

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