Practical presents for winter that everyone would be happy to get

December is almost gone and even if Christmas, the most important winter holiday, will soon be forgotten, there is still plenty of time to make your loved ones considerate presents. Whether you couldn’t make it to your family’s Christmas dinner or you have a friend whose birthday is in January, there are many reasons for why you would be looking for gifts this season, and we’re here to help you out with a few ideas for practical and useful presents that your friends and family will be glad to receive.

Portable (wireless) charger

Do you have a friend or a family member whom you can never get to as their phone always seems to be dead? A portable charger is the best gift idea for them! It can be a basic power bank for their phone or it can be a charger for the devices that are usually more neglected like the smartwatch or the airpods. Hop on the Amazon website and take a look at all the options, we guarantee that you’d be surprised to find out how many interesting designs there are, for example a minimalistic keychain that can also charge the Apple watch. Depending on the age and interests of the receiver of the present, you can get a cute charger shaped like Hello Kitty and decorated with sequins and glitter or you can find a Pokemon-inspired Pokeball for 6000 mAh that will be great for a fan of this beloved anime.

Irish flat cap

A hat is always a good present, especially if it’s not an ordinary beanie, but a more sophisticated piece such as an Irish flat cap. This headpiece is traditionally a male accessory, but you can find lots of more feminine and elegant flat caps that you can give to a lady so that everyone can feel like they belong to the Shelby family next time they go out. Made of tweed or wool and designed with a lining that provides added comfort, this present will keep your loved ones warm and cozy all winter long and will make a wonderful focal element of their outfits. If you want to buy one, go online and check the selection of caps made in Ireland. Plus, an Irish flat cap can be worn all year round, as it is insulating enough to not let you freeze during winter, but also breezy enough so that you won’t need another headpiece during spring or autumn.


The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to start taking planning your life more seriously and many people find a planner to be very useful. This present will be especially helpful for those who like to write things down or for those friends and family members who are going through a hard time and feel overwhelmed by the amount of things they need to get done. Most planners have specific sections inside, for example daily tasks, gratitude lists, goals, calendars, and notes. When it comes to planners, Moleskine is the go-to brand that you should look for, but other companies like Leuchtturm1917 and Panda Planner Pro also make great planners perfect for achieving goals and organizing daily life.

Author: Richard Brown

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