What to expect from Yuri on ice season 2?

Yuri on ice season 2

What should Yuri fans expect Yuri on Ice Season 2 and the continuing adventures of Victor and Yuri? The first season of anime series Yuri on the ice told the story of a Japanese figure skater named Yuri, who after losing his destiny in his own abilities is taken under the wing of the legendary champion Victor Nikiforov. Victor is also a mentor to another Russian skater named Yuri, with the two Yuri competing in the Grand Prix of the Figure. The 12 episode series was produced by the animation studio MAPAA and directed by Sayo Yamamoto.

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Yuri on ice soon became a worldwide success thanks to the sweet relationship between Victor and Yuri and the beautifully choreographed ice skating routines. The show was also praised for its representation of a same-sex relationship, although some critics argued that the love story was unnecessarily ambiguous in some parts, with a key scene that implied a kiss. That said, the anime show has gained a lot of followers, with fans eager to see how Yuri on Season 2 will develop the relationship between Yuri and Victor.

Let’s explore what to expect from Yuri on Ice Season 2 and what more fans of the franchise can expect.

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Yuri On Ice Season 2 could have Yuri compete against Victor

The final episode of Yuri on ice season 1 was aired in December 2016, and there have been very few details on where the characters will lead the second season. There is speculation of Season 2 could complicate his central love story by making Victor compete against Yuri. Victor put his own career waiting to mentor Yuri in the first season, so it makes sense that the two have to compete with each other.

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A Yuri On Ice movie called Ice Adolescence arrives in 2019

Part of the delay with Season 2 is that MAPPA is busy working on a dubbed anime movie version Ice Adolescence. Again, there are not many details around the film, but it is expected to land in 2019 before season 2. There is no synopsis of the plot available for Ice Adolescence Or, but fans speculate that the film It will be a prequel focused on Victor’s initial career.

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Yuri On Ice Season 2 has no release date yet

A release date for Yuri on ice Season 2 has not yet been confirmed. With MAPPA currently focused on getting Ice Adolescence Finished, it is unknown if season 2 will also be ready in 2019. A film and a new series would certainly help fans overcome the gap, but for now it is not known when will the second season come?

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Yuri On Ice Season 2 teaser clip features Russian Yuri skating

A teaser clip for Season 2 found on the Blu-ray of the first series presented Russian Yuri performing a new skating routine, but revealed nothing about the plot details. Presumably, the rivalry between the two Yuri will continue to be a factor in Yuri on ice season 2.

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