Seraph Of The End Season 3: Opinion!

Seraph Of The End Season 3

Today I am going to talk about the Seraph Of The End Season 3, since it is a subject that I saw talking several times on the internet, besides I like to talk about these things.

Requirements for Seraph Of The End Season 3

In Japan, the main requirement for an anime to have a following season is that its DVD will have sold many copies, because if this is not very successful with your DVD, the animation company loses money.

The company (in a nutshell) does not care much if we say that its anime has been the best of its year, or if it has an excellent review on the internet, since they do a new season and their DVD sells less than the previous one, They would be losing a lot of money, and this doesn’t work for them.

Well, the question here that although Seraph Of The End is branded one of the best anime of 2015, and has an excellent review, there probably won’t be a Seraph Of The End Season 3 since the DVD of its second season did not reach the estimated sales.

Many people will say “But recently the last tempo came out, and on March 22 its OVA came out, there are still possibilities.” Well, I mean, you never know, maybe the company doesn’t care that they haven’t sold enough copies, and they release the third tempo the same, but I see that possibility almost nil. In addition, since the date of the last OVA the official anime site has hardly had any activity, besides that the official Fanarts were decreasing little by little, and it’s like they are already neglecting Seraph Of The End.

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Random opinion

It is a pity that Seraph Of The End Season 3 will not premiere, since from what I could read in the manga, the story is taking a very good course and several secrets are coming to light, but hey, we will continue reading the manga, which has very good drawings.


A while ago, looking for information on this topic, I learned that since episode 22 of the anime many things have changed with respect to manga, since at that time (October, 2015) the chapters that would cover those last two episodes, had not come out.

What it took me to find all this information: ‘V, I had to go to the most hidden website (?) * Shika using hacks to get the news since time immemorial *

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Seraph Of The End Review


Yuuichirou has met with Mikaela at the Battle of Shinjuku. But Mikaela became a vampire … To save the “family”, and to protect his companiSeraph Of The End, Yuuichirou needs to acquire knowledge and power.

Meanwhile, Kureto calls Guren and tells him a shocking truth. In a month, the vampire’s main unit will start attacking Tokyo. To gain an advantage against vampires, Kureto orders Guren to go to Nagoya. The noble extermination mission is about to open fire!

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Bringing them the reviews of the fall season in the middle of the winter season because yes. My reviews of the Seraph Of The End finally I made the review of its second season, which left no one indifferent. But first let’s talk about this anime as an adaptation.

This second season, as an adaptation, was very weak pulling bad. They practically rushed the entire manga to reach it (and pass it through a chapter), leaving out many scenes that were not animated (the chapter in which Yuu pretends to be 20 years old is one of my favorites. And I’m so lucky that I’m out). Because of this, fans and fans of the manga were very dissatisfied and angry with this season. And I don’t blame them. If I were more Owari fan, I would be in that group. But I am not, so while I was disappointed by everything they took out, I did not get angry.

And now, this second season as an anime itself.

Despite the aforementioned, Nagoya Kessen-hen was better than its predecessor. Finally we had the action that we had been promising since last season. Although he kept his telenovelero drama (which I – and I think several more – liked), that air of comedy he had becomes almost non-existent. And the best: there was a great development of the plot. Because yes, the Seraph Of The End has a plot.

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As for the characters, we continue with them from the first season, although several new ones were also added. But let’s face it, Shinya was the great addition to the cast, and the only one I will mention (although it had already appeared last season): he is all that is well in this world. Yuu and Mika keep trying to save each other, and the amount of fan service between the two increases to such a level that I no longer know why they don’t add “shounen ai” at once to the genres of this anime. Unfortunately, Shinoa the best girl does not shine as much as before, but remains not only one of the most pleasant characters, but also the most rational. And the sniffing Guren is still my favorite, and he still seems to be on something weird (but we still want him). Oh, and although Yuu finally got his smoke down, unfortunately his stupidity remains the same. Well, you can’t have everything.

Disappointment is little when describing what I felt when I saw and heard the opening of this season. I had already seen another anime whose opening theme played it fripside, and I had liked it (the opening, I clarify), so while I knew that it was not going to be up to its predecessor, I hoped it would at least be passable. It was not. IT IS AWFUL. The song “Two souls -toward the truth-” is bad and the images don’t save it. It is not even aesthetically a good opening. The previous one was so perfect and this one is so …  ugly. This was one of the few times I skipped the opening.

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Thanks to Nagi Yanagi and her beautiful voice that saved Owari musically (the OST remained good but you know), “Orarion”, the ending, unlike the opening, I couldn’t think of skipping it (although scaPEGoat is still the best ending). But my big complaint is that visually, it’s boring. The images are not up to the song. I listened to it completely, but I didn’t look at it.

In conclusion, this season I liked more than the first, but it is undeniable that as an adaptation I leave much to be desired. And he had an open end of those type “go read the manga, because if there is a third season they will see it with their grandchildren.” Unless the third season is a completely original story, who knows (I wouldn’t mind seeing her, honestly). Owari no Seraph lost that “comedy” factor that I liked so much, I finally managed to get serious and bring the action we all wanted. It is not a season for manga fans, but if they liked the first season, then it will too. Of course, prepare for an open end of those that dislike us so much (and that force us to read the manga).

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