Causes Of Breast Pain After Menstruation

Causes Of Breast Pain After Menstruation

Breast pain in the chest area before menstruation is almost regular and is associated with the production of estrogen. Symptoms such as swelling of the mammary glands, aching pain, most often pass with the onset of menstruation. But when the pain does not decrease or does not go away at all, it becomes exciting and suspicious. Doctors call such a nagging pain mastalgia. Today we will try to figure out why the chest after menstruation hurts and what to do in such cases.

Causes Of Breast Pain After Menstruation

When swollen breasts are normal

Chest discomfort may occur on different days associated with the menstrual cycle. For example, during ovulation, there may be a swelling of the mammary glands, which is considered normal. Also, do not panic, if the pain appears a few days before the start of menstruation. These days, the body is preparing for a possible pregnancy and therefore increases the production of estrogen, which is contained in adipose tissue. Organs rich in these cells increase. And since there is a large accumulation of fatty tissue in the mammary gland, its edema is quite natural.

At other times, the breasts should not be painful, unless there are other reasons that require special attention and additional medical advice and examinations.

Causes Of Breast Pain After Menstruation

Obvious causes of breast pain after menstruation

If the menstruation is over, and the chest still remains swollen and painful, this indicates a high level of estrogen. The high rate of this hormone indicates the presence of:

  • hormonal failure of the body;
  • pregnancy (initial periods);
  • mechanical damage;
  • Diseases (mastopathy, osteochondrosis, oncology).

Consider in more detail each of the causes of breast pain, not associated with the beginning of menstruation.

Beginning of pregnancy

Estrogen and progesterone ensure the attachment of a fertilized egg in the uterus, its growth and the formation of the placenta. It is thanks to these hormones that an increase in blood volume occurs (now not only in a woman but also in a child). Mammary glands are prepared for feeding, because of what is the proliferation of new ducts. After a few months of pregnancy, the hormonal level returns to normal, and the painful sensations cease to disturb the future mom. The breast is still large due to the presence of new milk ducts.

Causes Of Breast Pain After Menstruation

Important! Some women may be pregnant, despite the presence of menstrual flow, so you should not trust this criterion 100%.

Hormonal imbalance

If the pregnancy test is negative, and the chest soreness continues to bother, this indicates a possible hormonal failure. This disorder can be caused by various reasons:

  • stresses, nervous shocks, and too much overwork;
  • hormonal medications and contraceptives (without the competent recommendations of the therapist and gynecologist);
  • age features;
  • the presence of sexually transmitted diseases and infections;
  • genetic predisposition.

For the above reasons, estrogen can be produced in large quantities, which leads to painful sensations in the chest.

Causes Of Breast Pain After Menstruation


A bruise or a drop on the chest is accompanied by very sharp and severe pain, which may be disturbed for a long time after mechanical damage. It is also worth choosing a comfortable and comfortable model to wear bras – too tight a cup, squeezing the female breast, may be the cause of aching not passing pain.


The disease caused by a pathological increase in breast tissue – mastopathy, is characterized not only by pain but also by secretions. Very often, mastopathy can be triggered by stress, a genetic predisposition, or pathology of the thyroid gland.

Causes Of Breast Pain After Menstruation

The beginning oncological process in rare cases is accompanied by discomfort and discomfort in the chest area. The risk group includes women with oncore inheritance, shifted terms of appearance and termination of menstruation, alcohol abuse and smokers. In such cases, experts recommend that, after 40 years of age, it is mandatory to undergo regular mammograms to detect oncology at an early stage.

Preventive measures

If diseases associated with breast pain are not identified, then with the help of normalization of the day and diet, as well as rejection of bad habits, many unpleasant consequences can be prevented.

Causes Of Breast Pain After Menstruation

The following guidelines should be followed:

  1. Refuse to take alcoholic beverages.
  2. Stop smoking.
  3. Beware of hypothermia.
  4. Regularly visit the local GP and gynecologist.
  5. Treat diseases; do not allow them to enter the chronic stage.
  6. If possible, avoid stressful situations and emotional stress.
  7. Adhere to proper nutrition with providing the body with all the necessary vitamins and elements: include fruits and fresh vegetables, lean meat, fish in the menu.
  8. Take a course of vitamin therapy, especially in the autumn and spring periods.
  9. Pick up underwear in size, get comfortable and comfortable to wear models of natural fabrics.
  10. Before the beginning of menstruation and during menstruation, exclude the use of strong tea and coffee, carbonated drinks and chocolate.

Folk recipes to reduce chest pain

If there are no special medical instructions, to reduce discomfort in the chest, traditional medicine recommends the following recipes:

  1. Tea from a mixture of herbs (Melissa, chamomile, thyme, tutsan).
  2. A decoction of dried leaves of strawberries (1 teaspoon of crushed raw material per cup of water).
  3. Warm compresses through a terry towel or linen sheet (water heater, heated iron).

Causes Of Breast Pain After Menstruation

If you find breast pain, not related to the menstrual cycle, you should not engage in self-treatment, and certainly, seek medical advice. An annual visit to a gynecologist and breast specialist can prevent the development of many diseases.

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