Regarding the management of trees.

Like with any plant grown on the planet Earth its trees and forests are a resource that needs to be carefully managed. Our Neolithic ancestors had no such qualms about felling the trees in front of them to build communities but then back some three thousand years ago Britain was covered in the Trees so much so that there was barely any land for farming. As the years roll by we have used trees for paper, ship building, and also the kind of homes that you would expect used in the construction of  Log Cabins for sale in Northern Ireland.

How does a forest become sustainable? Trees remain the lungs of the world but, not only that to wander in their Sylvanian splendour is good for the soul.

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What is a sustainable forest? As you would expect, the focus is to maintain the stock of trees and the forests overall area for as long as possible without there being too many impacts on the environment. It is not just about the trees themselves; they provide a delicate eco system of mutual benefit to so many flora and fauna who would not survive without each other. As we have seen, the use of wood is needed for some many aspects of our daily lives that it provides a vital resource for all of humankind.

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The best way to keep the forest sustainable is to manage the stock of trees. Basically put, when a series of trees are felled they are immediately replaced with series of new saplings in equal or greater number. When of the benefits of the sapling is that it actually absorbs more carbon dioxide, which it converts into oxygen, in greater quantities than an established tree. However, it would not be prudent to simply strip out all of the older trees as their establish presence makes for a beautiful woodscape and they will be an established home for insects and wildlife. The process involves farming trees by designating a section to growth that will be culled from the forest when the trees reach the right level of maturity. The forest goes through continuous cycle of growth and felling whilst still maintaining the shape and feel of a natural forest environment.

The added advantage of the sustainable forest is that it will not only be used as an industrial enterprise. One way to maximise the profits, both economically and spiritually, from the forest is to allow the public access to it in the areas where it is not being worked.

Author: Richard Brown

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