Saving energy during the school summer holiday

It won’t be long before the long six weeks’ school holiday is upon us again and if you’re going to have the kids to entertainment, chances are you’ll be using more electricity than when everyone is at work or school. Here are some top tips for saving energy during the summer holidays when school’s out:

  1. Encourage quick showers

Encourage your kids to take a quick, refreshing shower rather than a long soak in the bath. Did you know you can also get a monitor for the shower to help you keep an eye on just how much hot water is being used?

  1. Keeping cool

When in the shower, encourage your kids to turn the temperature down slightly. They’ll enjoy a cooler shower after the heat of the day, and you’ll save a little on energy to boot.

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  1. Take a break from the oven

Having the oven on in the summer can be an uncomfortable experience, so consider cooking more in the microwave. This will save energy and keep the house cooler on sticky days.

  1. Hanging out your washing

Use the old-fashioned solar-powered clothes dryer, aka the washing line! Give the tumble dryer a break and hang clothes out on the line whenever you can. Make the most of nature and get the sun to do the work for you. Added bonus? It’s free. Learn more about renewable energy with Boiler Installation Forest Of Dean company, Green Planet Heating.

  1. Turn off and unplug

Appliances that are left on standby do waste electricity. When you’re not using an appliance, make sure it’s switched off and unplugged. This includes things like TVs, gaming consoles and laptops. Be sure to do this before going out for the day and especially if going away on holiday. For more information on how to improve the efficiency of your home, contact Boiler Installation Forest Of Dean experts, Green Planet Heating.

  1. Check the taps

Check that the kids have turned the taps off properly. A dripping tap wastes a surprising amount of water over time.

  1. Close the fridge door

We’re all guilty of leaving the fridge door open sometimes. Quickly double check that it is closed properly as every time you open the fridge door, as much as one third of the cold air is able to escape.

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  1. A spot of dusting

Do the kids complain of being bored? Keep them busy with a bit of light dusting and other household chores. Did you know that as dust builds up on appliances it can reduce their efficiency, costing you more to run them?

  1. Do some planting

Think ahead to the future and get your kids to help plant a tree in the garden. As it grows, it will help provide shade to the house on hot summer days.

  1. Smart meters

Keeping your bills trim is much easier when you have a smart meter installed. These meters send automatic readings to your supplier, enabling you to keep track of exactly how much energy you’re using, and which appliances are using the most. Get your kids involved and discuss ways of reducing energy consumption together.

Author: Richard Brown

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