Workplace safety tips for newly joined employees

Workplace safety tips

Workplace safety is a topic where both employers and workers are more aware. The good environment is necessary for our workplace. Contrary to what we usually think, this concept is not only applied in the sectors of Industry and Construction but also in the service sector. For example, office work.  That’s why the following workplace safety tips at work apply to any company.

6 workplace safety tips

Workplace safety tips

Work accidents generate losses everywhere. The workers who suffer them, besides suffering the physical consequences, often have to leave work to receive medical attention. The employer company, meanwhile, may be involved in a lawsuit to cover the costs or pay compensation to the injured, a process that is often difficult, tense and expensive.

The following safety measures at work can be applied in warehouses, factories and sites under construction places where accidents at work are most common:

# 1 Keep your job in order

Many work accidents could be avoided if the work area was clean and organized. For example, tools scattered on the floor can cause a trip; A pile of scattered papers on the table increases the risk during an accidental fire, etc. The ideal is that you have only what you need to do your work and that it is well organized.

# 2 Rest every hour

Accumulated fatigue increases the risk of suffering all kinds of accidents. Experts recommend resting about fifteen minutes every hour. Take advantage of these rest periods to take a short walk, stretch and rest your eyes (It is not convenient to keep looking at the mobile).

# 3 Take care of the posture

Musculoskeletal disorders occupy the top positions in the causes of sick leave. It is important to maintain a good posture regardless of whether we are sitting in front of a computer or carrying weight in work. Having a comfortable chair, not force the posture or go to the physio at the first symptoms of injury are very important tips to consider.

# 4 Use protection

Use protection

Each type of work must have minimum protection elements. In the case of an office job, it can be a screen saver that protects the eyesight, while in a factory it can be a case. In any case, the employer must make them available to workers and the worker’s responsibility to use them.

# 5 Avoid unnecessary dangers

Minimize risks by avoiding activities for which you are not qualified or for which you do not have the necessary equipment. Even simple tasks such as changing a bulb can lead to an accident if done improperly.

# 6 Find out about Occupational Risk Prevention

Finally, every company has its Occupational Risk Prevention plan (or must have it). It is essential to know and pay attention to all the recommendations that are included in it.

# 7 Use the correct safety equipment.

If you are not using the proper safety equipment for a task, you may suffer an injury. Depending on the work, there is equipment such as earplugs, earmuffs, helmets, goggles, gloves or a full face mask to reduce the risk of workplace injuries considerably.

With these workplace safety tips, you will make your work environment a quieter and more protected place.


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