The importance of a website for your business

If you have a business without a website, then your business might as well be invisible. Sounds a bit dramatic? Sadly, it’s true. In this digital era, anyone searching for information or products is doing it online. You must have a website for your clients as it will contain essential information about how your product or service will solve their problem. Here are some advantages of having a website:

Save Money

Advertising doesn’t come cheap, especially if you’re using radio adverts, TV adverts or printing marketing material. Of course, businesses need to invest in marketing, but a website is a cheaper and still promotes your company 24/7.

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Having a website is also friendlier to the environment. There are many different ways to advertise on the internet, such as Facebooks ads and using SEO for your site. Having an excellent web developer providing you with good SEO advice is a huge advantage for your business. Search engine optimisation can boost your Google rankings and lead to increased sales. Find a Cardiff web designer at Ambercouch.


A website provides greater convenience for your customers, making it easier to contact you and buy from you. It’s easier for potential customers to visit your website than drive to your location and they can do so at any time of day. They should be able to find what they are looking for easily and quickly, complete their purchase and leave satisfied.


With a website, you never have to turn away business because it’s closing time. Your online store can be visited every day of the year and any time of day, you never close. The beauty of online shopping is it’s accessibility and convenience.

Global appeal

You might currently be enjoying local popularity, but what about reaching potential customers in other cities or even across the world? The internet is a global community meaning you can visible beyond the borders of your own town or country.

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Track your business

Owning a website means you can track aspects of your business that were previously unavailable to you. You can see how many people have visited and how many people are messaging or emailing you. You can monitor how well your website is behaving and examine individual page stats. You can also update it anytime with new or amended info, making it much cheaper than printed materials.

Greater opportunity

Having a website for your business allows you the chance to prove your knowledge, expertise and credibility. It gives you the chance to tell your story, to explain why you deserve their trust and can earn you more positive feedback, which of course is another powerful reason for having a website – showing of your glowing testimonials.

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Author: Richard Brown

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