Skills needed to be a support worker

Support workers are vital to our being able to support individuals in their own homes whether this is through disability, age or medical conditions. Support Worker Jobs Gloucester way will cover all of these aspects and there are a number of skills that you will need to be able to successfully work in this kind of role.

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Of course, when working with patients and service users with limited capacities, patience is important. They will often be slower to move around or clarify what they need. They could be troublesome or upset as well, susceptible to taking it out on their work. It is truly a skill and is extremely important to remain calm and patient, no matter how difficult the task at hand may be, as frustration or irritability may impair the ability of a care worker to do their job and may, of course, disturb patients.

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Cheery outlook

A smile is more effective at times than a thousand sentences. A career or support worker could be the only person with whom an individual comes into contact during their day, so this may make a real difference and show key career skills if they are pleasant, polite and personable. A positive attitude often puts patients at ease and makes them feel relaxed, and this is particularly important if a care worker deals with the requirements of personal care.

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