How Can I Improve My Credit Score?

The most significant factor to consider when boosting your credit score is to cut your revolving debt. This will impact the amount owed factor of your credit score rating. If you are maxed out on credit cards, you should reduce your balances to under 30% of your credit limit. Another important factor to consider is how many open accounts you have. If you have too many credit cards, you should consider obtaining a new card to consolidate the other debts. Too many open lines of credit can negatively impact your score.

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To increase your credit score, you must make a conscious effort to make all your payments on time. Your payment history will impact your credit score significantly, so make sure to pay all your bills on time. Another factor that lenders look at is your credit utilisation rate, or how much you use your available credit. A low utilisation rate indicates that you are only using the credit that you need and that you are not overextending yourself. Find out how companies check your identity using KYC processes at a site like

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Making full payments on time is an excellent way to increase your credit score. In addition, a few missed payments can lower your score by 100 points. Another way to raise your credit score is to set up automatic payments or monthly payment reminders. You should also keep a budget, keeping money aside for unexpected expenses. The credit utilisation rate is the second-most-important factor in your credit score. A high utilisation rate is a sign of a higher likelihood of default.

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