Some of the Pets you can Have When you are Retired

Retirement is a time of big changes, and as you are no longer having to think about work then you can start to think about the other things that you want and focus on the more enjoyable side of life! It might be that you want to find a new place to live to suit your lifestyle like these Gloucester park homes, or you might want to keep busy by getting involved in some voluntary or community work.

For many people who reach retirement age, this is the ideal time to get a pet – not only is a pet a great companion, but they can also be good for your health, something that is important to think about when you are getting older!

There are lots of types of pets to choose from, all with different needs – here are a few to consider…

Dogs – Known as man’s best friend, a dog is a loyal and loving friend who will need to be walked regularly, helping you to stay fit and active. Dogs are higher maintenance than most pets and will need someone to be with them at home most of the time, so they are not suited to people who are planning to travel a lot. Make sure that you choose a dog that has traits that suit your lifestyle.

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Cats – A purring cat has the power to help you relax and unwind. If you are a bit of a worrier, then a cat can be a wonderful part of your family. Cats need plenty of love and affection, as well as food and a cosy place to sleep (probably in your bed!).

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Rabbits – Rabbits are quiet and cuddly – they can live in the garden in a hutch, or you can keep a house rabbit – they are able to use a litter tray like a cat. If you do this, make sure there are no wires for them to nibble on! Keeping a rabbit happy means making sure they have plenty of fresh food and water, and as they are naturally social animals you might want to get a pair.

Fish – If you are after a lower maintenance pet then fish are perfect. However, depending on what type of fish you go for, you will need to ensure that their habitat is suitable, and they will require their water to be correctly suited to them.

Author: Richard Brown

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