How To Choose A Photo Epilator For Home Use?

How To Choose A Photo Epilator For Home Use?
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Smooth skin without unwanted hairs has long been synonymous with beauty and femininity. Not to mention the fact that in the absence of vegetation, the skin of the legs, underarms, intimate areas and other areas of the body is much less susceptible to irritation and inflammation. There are quite a few technologies for getting rid of such vegetation and one of the most popular ones lately is photo epilator.

The principle of the photo epilator is based on the use of a flash of light. It affects the well-known pigment melanin. It is he who gives the hair a dark shade, and it is precisely its destruction in the root part of the hair that makes it possible to achieve the absence of unwanted hair. Therefore, photo epilation is powerless for blond hair, as well as red and gray. In addition, it cannot be done to owners of dark skin, as they have a large amount of melatonin contained not only in unwanted hairs but also in the skin. Accordingly, exposure to a flash of light will result in a burn.


How To Choose A Photo Epilator For Home Use?

It is also undesirable to perform the procedure during pregnancy or lactation and in the presence of an impressive number of birthmarks. If all of the above does not prevent you from removing hairs in this way, then below you can learn how to choose the right photo epilator for your home.

Main characteristics of a photo epilator

As is the case with the choice of any other product, each makes its own rating of the parameter values, according to which different photo epilators differ from each other. Below we describe the main parameters that play a large role when buying a device for home conditions. And you have to choose which products will optimally perform their functions for you. These parameters are:

  • Power.It will depend on it, on the one hand, the effectiveness of photo epilation, and on the other – it’s safety. Therefore, experts advise choosing for the home option at the level of 5 kJ, since it is optimal in terms of the ratio of these two characteristics.
  • The area of the working surface. In other words, this is the size of the area of skin that the device can “de-hair” in one flash. The more this parameter – the faster you can get rid of unwanted hair, and the less discomfort this procedure will cause. It is desirable that the area of the working surface was not less than 3 square centimeters.

How To Choose A Photo Epilator For Home Use?

  • Security Tools. When you are thinking about which photo epilator to choose, you should remember that, in theory, this is not the most harmless way to remove hairs. Therefore, the home device must necessarily be equipped with a powerful UV filter, a sensor for selecting the intensity of flashes (and the ability to change this setting manually), as well as a sensor for blocking photo flashes on dark skin.
  • Declared by the manufacturer destination. The skin and vegetation on it are quite different in different areas of the body: for example, to get rid of unwanted hairs on the face, you must choose a completely different power photo epilator than to get smooth legs. Therefore, it is important to take into account why, in principle, the brand developers have created each specific model. At a minimum, the nozzles that are included depend on this.

How To Choose A Photo Epilator For Home Use?


  • The number of flashes photo lamps. A photo lamp is a component of a photo epilator that is capable of producing a certain number of flashes. The more of them – the longer it will last until replaced by another. For a home, it’s best to choose an option for approximately 200,000 flashes. With an average intensity of using such a photo light, it will be enough for about five years, whereas, for comparison, lamps with 50,000 flashes will last for just over a year.
  • Type of food. You can choose a photo epilator of a wireless format, or with a wire. Both options are suitable for home and are good in their own way: wireless – because it is not tied to the location of the outlet, and wired – no need to recharge the battery and replace it if it fails.

The most famous manufacturers of photo epilators, in the range of products that you can probably choose suitable for your home, are Philips, Silk’s Glide, Remington, Gillette, Braun, and Synergon (the most well-known model of the brand is called “Tanda Me – My Elos Touch”).

How To Choose A Photo Epilator For Home Use?

Some contraindications

At the very beginning of the article, we noted the main obstacles that may arise on your way to using the photo epilator at home: blond hair, dark skin, the period of pregnancy and feeding, and the presence of a large number of moles. However, there are still some medical contraindications for which it is desirable to turn to other types of hair removal:

  • Skin diseases.
  • Diabetes
  • The presence of rough scars and scars.
  • Hypertension in the acute stage.
  • High photosensitivity.
  • Varicose veins pronounced circulatory grid in the area to be treated.

How To Choose A Photo Epilator For Home Use?

Before you choose a photo epilator for your home, try to sensibly assess whether its use will be as safe as possible for you. If in doubt, consult your doctor. And if everything turns out to be in order, then consider the parameters listed earlier – and you will surely be happy with your purchase!

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