How to take Egirl makeup?

Egirl makeup

Returning to the topic of teenage moves, it could be said that they are cybernetic moves of all the trends emerging from social networks, so today we will talk to you about How to make up like an e-girl?

The e-girl aesthetic has been characterized mainly by emo or gothic girls, who have made the style the cybernetic evolution of goth. But, investigating more about this style, there are other girls who have a much more feminine style far from the dark ones.

Therefore, today we will talk about makeup for both E girls. From dark makeup with a more gothic style to a much more girly and possibly much more natural makeup.

If you feel that this style goes a lot with your personality or if you already consider yourself an e-girl but still do not know how to adapt much to the style or makeup, today we will show you some of the most elementary makeup tips within the e-girl style. be it for the most basic or for the most sophisticated.

Who are the e-girls?Egirl makeup

We have probably already heard this term a lot on social networks, and it is basically a trend that has become very popular among young people on the internet. The style is based on guys who are usually famous on Tik Tok, and they like anime, Asian culture in general, and cosplay.

The vast majority of girls that we will see in Tik Tok who wear this fashion are usually cosplayers or gamers. They like to wear clothes that are very characteristic of emo, goths, and, in some cases, cosplay clothes. The great influence within the e-girl is the artist Billie Eilish, who has served as a great inspiration within the outfits.

How to make up like an e-girl?Egirl makeup

Before talking about makeup itself, we must take into account the most outstanding things within this style, among which are anime, chains, and piercings in clothing and style, multi-colored hair, or, if possible, wigs.

Within both styles, from the darkest to the most feminine, there are certain details within the makeup or in the hairstyle, which characterize e-girl girls. Using fake blood, drawing hearts, or simulating tattoos on the face, the very marked blush that leaves a blush appearance, and the eyeliner.

Dark circles are also part of makeup, so we will not worry much about using a makeup base. Using purple or red eyeshadows is also excellent in this style, whether we want to show ourselves darker or more delicate. Now the question arises, how do you make up like an e-girl?

The technique within the feminine style within this look focuses a lot on makeup with pastel colors such as pink, purple and is excellently complemented with details with a little fake blood on the nose or running the makeup a little simulating tears. Placing band-aids or stickers is something very typical within basic e-girls

In short, to get a better idea of ​​what we want to achieve with our makeup is to create a mix between a sweet girl and a little dark, some go for grunge. Let’s never forget extra-long lashes and shine.

Author: Tony Jimenez

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