These are the 7 Animated horror movies you have to see

Animated horror movies

When they talk to us about horror films, I am sure that absolutely all of us think of live-action films, that is, those performed by real actors. And in a way, it’s a pretty logical association statistically. But actually, animated cinema also has its niche for the horror genre, especially in anime.

I know, it sounds little strange, animated horror movies, how can a cartoon cause us to fear? But they do exist and although they may not be as creepy as the movies we are used to seeing, they are really good and deserve a little attention.

One of the advantages of animated horror is the unlimited expansion proposed by the genre, that is, since they are drawings, practically any idea can be represented; the usual limits of traditional films, such as special effects, CGI, characterizations, and locations, are not a problem for animation.

Therefore, we review below some of the best-animated horror movies, those that yes or yes have to be on your Watchlist :

# 7. Dear Beautiful (2009)Animated horror movies

This short movie is probably one of the scariest in the genre. Its direction and cartoonish style make a hackneyed zombie-like theme quickly turn into a truly worthy horror movie.

Directed by Roland Becerra, the film raises a zombie epidemic after the appearance of a new species of flowers. The darkness and depth of the steering really are scary.

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# 6. Blood The Last Vampire (2000)Animated horror movies

This Japanese film that serves as a prequel to the manga of the same name, tells the story of Saya, the last original vampire, who is in charge of eliminating several monsters that are infiltrated in the Yokota base.

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# 5. Heavy Metal (1981)Animated horror movies

Without a doubt, this film is difficult to describe. It is clear that this is not the case of a horror movie strictly speaking. But without a doubt, the film by Canadian director  Gerald Potterton gives us a rather disturbing and grotesque experience.

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# 4. Dante’s Inferno (2010)Animated horror movies

Based on the Electronic Arts video game of the same name, this film produced especially for DVD and digital formats narrates the literary classic of Dante Alighieri from a more aggressive and fantastic perspective.

The climate of the film provokes a constant feeling of tension and, at times, horror, which makes it a must-see item on this list.

# 3. Dead Space: Downfall (2008)Animated horror movies

Developed by Electronic Arts, this film works as a prequel to the video game of the same company, entitled Dead Space. Director Chuck Patton’s work is excellent and turns a video game prequel into a worthy horror movie

# 2. Perfect Blue (1997)Animated horror movies

For a change, another anime movie. Perfect Blue is undoubtedly one of the best-animated horror stories. Its strength makes us quickly forget that we are watching cartoons.

The story follows the adventures of a pop singer who begins to be harassed by a fan and at the same time, by a ghost from her past …

# 1. Vampire Hunter D (1985)Animated horror movies

We are probably talking about one of the most famous horror anime films in history.

The story is set in the year 12090, and the world is very different than we know it today. Vampires are commonplace and “D”, a half-vampire man, quite quiet and taciturn, will take care of eliminating as many as he can. A must for all lovers of vampire movies and anime, of course.

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