Different Types of Juicers

Types of Juicers

Fruits are very good and nutritious for our body, who doesn’t know it?

The problem is all the fruits are not so easy to consume. Some of them need to be processed and the processing part is very much annoying.

More time, more effort, and more hassle only for fruit, that’s not fair! But it’s also important to have fruits. So, what is the solution?

The solution is to turn the fruits into a juice. To do this what you gonna need is just a juicer. That’s true that a juicer is the only solution to all that fruit-related problems but there is something confusing.

Types of Juicers

If you are going to get a juicer it may put you into some puzzling situation, because there are many kinds of juicers available in the market.

Some of them are like an alien from Mars for you. But no need to worry! Here we are going to introduce with most of the types of juicers you will find in the market to help you out to choose yours.

 So, scroll it down!

Types of Juicers:

Juicing is not like some yesterday thing. This one is a method of consuming fruits since 150BC to 70AD as indicated by the archeologists.

Different techniques applied during different times to extract the juice. And those techniques later got the shape of different kinds of juicers. That is the reason why many kinds of juicers are available in the market.

Here some of the types:

Centrifugal juicer:

These juicers are the most common and known type of juicer. These juicers are the ones which use the most power to make juice. These are the ones which actually makes juice doesn’t extract.

These juicers motor speeds up to 3000-16000 RPM. Sharp thin and flat blades these machines are able to chop the ingredients into little pieces.

Then, the extreme spinning force of the juicers spins the chopped ingredients and separates the juice from it. After that, the separated juice passes through a line and stores in a container.

The strainer it has in the mouth of the outline prevents the juice from falling into the container. As these juicers are the most common so they are easy to be fit almost in every budget.


·        Makes juice fast.

·        Easy to use.

·        Easily affordable.

·        Very easy to clean.


·        Makes loud noises.

·        Juice gets oxidized immediately.

Masticating juicer:

Masticating juicers are the most useful and type of juicers. They are also known as ‘slow juicers’. The extracts the juice not by cutting the ingredients but crushes them, and turns them into dry pulps extracting all the juices.

Because they don’t blend the ingredients the nutrition value of the juice remains unharmed. So, the juice becomes much healthier.

Masticating juicers run on the speed of 80-120 RPM. Because of their slow speed, the cellular organisms of the ingredients remains unharmed and the juice doesn’t oxidize fast.

They come vertical and horizontal information. Vertical juicers work well than the horizontal ones because vertical ones almost work by itself, but in the horizontal ones, you have to assist the juicer.

 On the vertical ones you just have to put the ingredients. Other tasks it will do by itself. These juicers can make juice of every ingredient, either it is solid or leafy.

Aicok juicer and Omega J8006 juicers are of those best Masticating Juicers you can find in the market.


·        Juice doesn’t get oxidized.

·        Quieter than centrifugal juicers.

·        Keep the juices nutrition value unharmed.

·        Can juice everything.


·        Costs a little higher.

·        Takes more time than centrifugal juicers.

Hydraulic press juicers:

These juicers are not very famous because of their high price and very heavyweight. If consider juicing the machines make the freshest and pure juice.

Their juice making process is very slow. So, you have to spend more time with these machines to get juice.

First, you have to put the ingredients on the feeding chute of the machine where it will smash the ingredients. Then you have to fill the smashed ingredients into the small bags given by the manufacturers.

Then, place the bags on the hydraulic press section and the hydraulic press will extract every drop of juice remaining only some dry pulps left.

These juicers can produce 6000PSI hydraulic pressure so no juice remains on the pulp. They extract juice by pressing that’s why the juice never gets oxidized and can be stored for a long time.


·        Extracts every ounce of juice.

·        Keep the nutrients and the vitamins unharmed.

·        Able to make juice of most of the ingredients.

·        Juice can be stored for a long time.


·        Costs very high.

·        Heavy in weight.

Twin-gear juicers:

They are also known as triturating juicers. After the centrifugal and masticating juicers, these ones are the most known and famous of all juicers.

They are known as twin-gear juicers because; it has two interlocking augers which crush the fruit side by side. They by their side by side crushing technology can extract as much juice as possible.

The juice they produce remains very rich in Vitamins, Minerals, and Enzymes. They run at very low RPM so the juice doesn’t get oxidized.

They can make juice of leafy items without any kind of trouble but with the whole fruits, they face a little trouble. So, it is better to put the hard ingredients in the juicer after cutting them into pieces.

Another benefit of these juicers is, they come with an additional attachment that allows them to make pasta and grind whole grains.

These juicers extract more juice than centrifugal and masticating juicers without any doubt.


·        Extracts more juice.

·        Keeps the nutrients and enzymes safe.

·        Juice can be stored for a long time.


·        Not very good for whole fruits.

·        Takes longer to make juice.


There are some other kinds of juicers available in the market which are not so important to be discussed. The types discussed here are the most famous and handy kinds.

The juicers are not the thing we buy daily but they are the ones we need daily. Comparing all the categories described masticating juicers are the most worthy.

They take much time than the centrifugal juicers but of all conventional categories of juicers, they are the ablest. They produce rich juice and they come at a relevant price.

In this article, our trial was to help you out by knowing you about the famous types of juicers available. Preferring you the masticating juicer was only a little try to help you out when choosing your juicer.

If this article proves itself helpful for you let us know in the comments section below. if not, don’t hesitate to know us.

Thanks for giving your precious time.

Author: Richard Brown

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