Homemade White Butter

Today I want to teach you how to make homemade butter. It is a really simple process that is worth knowing and putting into practice.

It is known how to make butter since the year 3500 BC Already the people at that time churned cream in animal skins. Over time it was used as a beauty product and as a delicacy in the most favored classes of society.

We can find it made with the milk of various animals or of plant origin. In addition, in its elaboration it can be done without salt, with salt or with sugar, depending on the purpose that you are going to give it.

So today we are going to make it with salt, anyway if you want it without, all you have to do is skip that step and that’s it. It is ideal for breakfast, on a good toast or spread on some cutlets, you can also use it in the preparation of biscuits, a good bechamel sauce, or in preparations like this “butter chicken”, whose only ingredients are chicken and Butter.

What is the secret of its preparation? Well, this one that I propose is, simply, the percentage of fat in the cream, which must be greater than 35%. Nothing more. With that simple requirement, I guarantee that it will be simply exquisite.

You must choose the best cream you can find, that will guarantee the best butter. Once you have it prepared, you can make derivatives such as butter with garlic or butter with fine herbs like this one that Directo al Paladar brings us. What an idea! You will surely want to try.

Let’s go to the kitchen!

Ingredients for Homemade Butter

  • For 350 – 400 grams of Butter
  • 1 Liter of Cream or Milk Cream with more than 35% Fat
  • 1/2 tablespoon of salt (it is indicative)

How to make the butter

If you have never made butter at home, the only thing you have to have on hand is a mixer and, if possible, a gauze or some fabric that filters well.

To make the butter, the first thing we will do is put the cream in a container, if possible with high walls, and start beating it first at a rather low speed. It can be beaten at any speed, but you’re going to get the kitchen lost of splashes as you go, so that’s why I recommend you go a little slower.

After approximately 5 minutes you will see that the cream begins to mount, it is beautiful over time. At this point, you can put the maximum speed of your mixer, that there is no danger.

As time progresses and we continue to beat, the cream begins to drop, and, little by little, it acquires a “cut” appearance, with an increasingly ugly appearance.

A little further on you will see how it begins to separate into “balls” and milk appears, rather whey, which will splash you again and you will have to slow down. This is the moment when I add the salt, in case you are going to add it. Since it will still be beating for a couple of minutes, I make sure that it is distributed evenly throughout the butter.

So, in short, in 15 minutes we have gone from having the liquid cream to the butter made into small balls together with the buttermilk. Now you have to separate it and make the “spread” to keep it.

How Do We Separate Butter From Buttermilk?

On top of a container (it does not matter if it is tall or not, it is only to collect the whey) we place a gauze and pour all the preparation that we have beaten on top. We join the ends of the gauze up and press the butter well inside the cloth. With this, we will see that the liquid flows and when we open the gauze… We have our butter ready and finished!

The only thing left to do is take it to some jars and cover it with transparent film or put it in a Tupperware where we can close it more hermetically and keep it longer.

Author: James Vargas

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