Imperia SP150 Pasta Machine

Imperia Pasta Machine

Product Description

Since 1932, Imperia SP150 Pasta Machine has been the best selling pasta maker on this planet. Its unsurpassed quality has taken it to where it is now — a product of high-prestige and quality, one that is well-trusted and greatly applauded — undoubtedly the trademark of its innovators, the original pasta makers, the Italians.

Although this pasta maker hasn’t been altered in the last few decades, 2010 marks the release of an updated and advanced version of Imperia – the SP150. This can produce various pasta types such as lasagna, tagliatelle and fettuccine — all of which can be modified into six distinct thicknesses. Features of this ultimate machine include wooden handle, dough maker, and a detachable spaghetti and fettuccine slicer. There are also a host of additional accessories along with an easy to operate dough roller regulator.

Technical Details

  • Original made in Italy
  • Produces pasta dough in 6 different thicknesses
  • Makes lasagna dough, cuts tagliatelle and fettuccine
  • Made of steel; chrome plated
  • Comes with adjustable rollers and two cutter attachments
  • Detachable handle is steel with wood grip that makes it easy to operate and provides comfort.

Imperia SP150 Review

When it comes to pasta makers, satisfied buyers regard the Imperia SP150 Pasta Machine as the finest pasta machine in the market because it makes firm and continuous pasta with great ease. There is no doubt that genuine Italian pasta lovers will take to this machine and realize its value quickly.

Instant pasta available at your local grocer’s can never beat the quality of fresh pasta. According to Italian food enthusiasts, dry-packed pasta does not have the extra flavors that freshly-made ones are rich with. However, pasta enthusiasts need a dependable and easy-to-use pasta maker to produce homemade Italian noodles of good quality.

A bunch of pasta makers are available in appliance stores, however, none of them has it all. Customers have found something or the other to be lacking in them. Additionally, pasta machine users say that majority of the machines are too complex to operate. But with the introduction of Imperia, Italian food specialists are thankful that they have finally been able to find the near-perfect machine for pasta-making in the Imperia SP150.

The primary set can only produce three kinds of pasta, namely, tagliatelle, fettuccine and lasagna. However, those who wish to make other types can just buy a few add-ons to maximize the effectiveness of this pasta machine. The machine’s two rollers effortlessly give out fine strips of pasta which are highly rated by owners.

Users love the grip which can be easily rotated and unlike other brands, Imperia won’t suddenly stop halfway through the course of pasta-making. The machine can also be adjusted with great ease to control the thickness of the pasta. Its unquestionable durability, stability and the fact that it can be placed on a countertop were some of the other things buyers loved about this product. Aside from that, convenience is highly rated especially when it comes to cleaning as it can be kept tidy by merely wiping and splashing water through it.

With the Imperia SP150 Pasta Machine, you’ll get great value for your money. Lots of satisfied customers regard it as a high quality and low maintenance machine. According to gourmet chefs, this tool is definitely a must have if you tend to concentrate on preparing Italian dishes. So why not invest in this kitchen appliance today? Go ahead and buy Imperia SP150 Pasta Maker. It will certainly be worth your while to bring it home.

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