What is pizza crust?

The base of any pizza is the pizza crust. It serves as the foundation for toppings such as mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. The texture of pizza crust varies depending on its recipe. It can be chewy or thin, and it may even have a crispy coating. New York style pizza may be considered traditional in the United States but Neapolitan pizza rules supreme in Italy.

Pizzas are prepared in pizzerias around the globe with different toppings, and crusts of all kinds.

  1. A deep-dish pie is any pizza baked in a dish that allows for the crust to expand. Deep-dish is a type of pizza that includes Detroit-style and Chicago-style, along with Sicilian style. The crusts are cooked in cast iron pans or high-sided baking sheets.

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2. Flatbread – With a crust that resembles a cracker, flatbreads are often served as appetisers and feature lighter toppings due to their different structure from yeast crusts. Cracker crusts are crispy, and they’re usually baked in long rectangles.

3. Neapolitan Pizza – Neapolitan dough is an Italian staple that originated in Naples. The most classic type of Neapolitan pizza is a Margherita pizza, which uses San Marzano tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. The thin crust pizza is cooked in a wood fired oven. It has a crisp, chewy texture. For the Best Pizza Restaurant Dublin, visit www.forno500.ie

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4. New York style pizza is a classic recipe for pizza on the East Coast of the US. New York Pizza has a medium thick, chewy crust. The pizza is cooked in a flat-bottomed, large oven with gas heating, rather than a wood or coal oven.

5. Stuffed crust – You can make your own stuffed crust pizza by making a homemade pizza crust and filling it with sauce, cheese or other ingredients. Pizza chain restaurants also serve this style of pizza. Stuffed-crust pizzas are round and usually cooked in a round pizza pan or on a pizza stone.

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