Dance activities for quarantine and their benefits

Dance activities

Life during the pandemic is stressful for all of us. The anxiety and uncertainty can become overwhelming. Social isolation is certainly a huge stressor and it may cause feelings of loneliness and maybe even depression in some people. That’s especially true for those for whom going out and socialization are important aspects of their lives. For many people, social media has become a satisfactory alternative for real-life socializing during the pandemic, and it has also become some people’s main source of entertainment. Keeping yourself entertained, entertaining others by sharing content may satisfy one’s social and emotional needs to some degree, but what about physical health? Social isolation has confined us to a sedentary lifestyle, so people are trying to find ways to keep themselves healthy, in shape, and also entertained. Dancing has proved to be an excellent option for many!

Health benefits for people of all ages

Dancing is a great physical exercise for people of all ages. For kids, it is a way to have fun while also exploring and developing movement and rhythm, which comes naturally to them. It’s also an outlet for their energy and an opportunity to express themselves through rhythm and movement. Research shows that dancing is also beneficial to older people, especially for those that suffer from conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, depression, and also dementia. This is because dancing improves reaction time, muscle and bone strength, cardiovascular health, cognitive performance, and also mood because it is a fun activity!

Types of dance and their health benefits

So what kind of dance should you try and what health benefits does each dance have? It depends on what you prefer. If you are a fan of the vintage stuff, then you should try the jazz dance. It is an energetic dance with sharp turns and leaping movements that will energize you, build up your muscle strength, and increase flexibility in your muscles. If you want to go even further and challenge yourself, you could try Irish dancing. It is not for everyone, of course, but once you get into it, you won’t want to stop. If you’re up for the challenge, find a pair of Irish dance shoes in online stores as Corr’s Shoes and start dancing! It will increase your flexibility and muscle strength, it will improve your coordination and gait, it will help you maintain heart and lung health, as well as healthy bones. If you prefer something modern, you could try a street dance. It is a great workout for your entire body and will let you explore different kinds of creative and cool dance moves. If you are not able or willing to perform quick and energetic movements because of health conditions or old age, you should give a try ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing has been shown to have exceptional benefits for the physical and mental well-being of older people. However, this is a style of dance that can be enjoyed by people of any age, especially if they have a partner to dance with!

Not being able to go dancing classes in person shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this fun and healthy activity. There are plenty of online classes and online video tutorials that you can learn from. It’s an activity that will keep you entertained, will take your mind off things, and will keep you active and in shape. Plus, once the pandemic is over, you’ll be able to go out and show off your amazing dancing skills!

Author: Richard Brown

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