How to always be elegant? 10 tricks that every woman should know


Do you want to always be effortlessly chic? Here are 10 tips to always have an elegant look or casual chic clothing, ready for any occasion!

Being elegant is a matter of taste and culture, and it is not so much about following the trends as choosing a personal style , open to novelties and variations but also well thought out, lived daily over time, so as to make us feel at ease . Style is something eternal, as Yves Saint Laurent said, unlike fashion that is fleeting.

To be and above all to feel elegant, therefore, you just need to experiment and then deepen a style that makes you feel chic, but also good with yourself. The most important thing about elegance is that it should be effortless, seem natural, a way of being. So here are 10 tricks and advice you should know. Always keep them in mind, and the rest will come by itself. Get ready, after this article for sure a hard training session will await you …

1. For an elegant look learn to know your shapes

It may seem obvious, but knowing your body and your shapes, strengths and weaknesses, is an essential piece of advice for dressing well. Understanding what values us and what does not help us to make the right choices in terms of looks, to wear clothes that underline the qualities and minimize the defects, if we can call them that. Knowing your body is not only a good way to optimize your expenses and avoid finding garments that have never been used in the closet. It is the first step to having great style; because only by knowing each other can we feel good about ourselves and opt for elegant clothing with bows. The whole thing is in understanding how to dress according to the physical, what are those looks that perfectly balance round lines and straight lines and that make us feel like real queens! The most prosperous do not have to fear their curves and hide them under layers of clothes for fear of being vulgar.

2. Learn to emphasize your strengths

To be an elegant woman, instead of concentrating on the qualities that your friends have and you don’t, learn to recognize and underline the qualities that you have. If you are petite, for example, you can take advantage and wear clothes and accessories that lengthen the figure. If, on the other hand, you have wide hips, you could insist on high-heeled shoes and high-waisted skirts. Underlining curves, for example, does not mean becoming inelegant, on the contrary, it means knowing how to dress them well. In short, the secret is to focus on your strengths, and this is not only beneficial for an outfit elegant, it is for us as people, because this attitude will allow us to develop greater security in ourselves, and to master our body as a real healthy bearer of beauty.

3. Never give up on black

The Black is an eternal theme. According to Yohji Yamamoto, for example, it is not only a color, but a way of being, a particular attitude towards the world. A black element in your looks, such as a coat, a blazer, a dress, especially if with a tailored line, will always save any situation, and will adapt to any style you have chosen. In fact, elegance is not about dressing in a formal way, but it is knowing how to wear and carry (almost) anything. Just think of the iconic Audrey Hepburn and her dress in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or Victoria Beckham, who sported perfect black and elegant looks on any occasion!

4. Choose your own style and then have fun changing

Being chic has more to do with having a personal style than following trends. The best thing to do, after the previous steps (knowing your shapes, learning to emphasize your strengths), is therefore to choose your style , a way of dressing as simple as possible, which makes you feel at ease and you give yourself particularly. Then, you can start introducing variations on the theme, choose garments and elements perhaps not entirely in line with that style, which however you like and make you feel good.

5. The right bag can make a whole look

Often, there is no need even to go crazy between shirts, skirts, jackets and shoes, to put together an elegant look. With the right bag, for example, you can leave the rest in its simplicity and discretion, because an important accessory will do the rest. On a total black or white look, you can indulge yourself with a jewel bag or with a very colorful bag.

6. For an elegant outfit, learn to match colors well

Matching colors well is the fastest way to be chic without thinking about it too much. Combining nude, light pink and fuchsia for example, distributed over different garments, it can create a nuanced effect on the whole figure, which suggests discretion without looking dull. If instead you prefer the color block, the combination of strong and not necessarily complementary colors, be careful not to create too loud effects. In short, you need to learn how to combine colors both to enhance our figure and to emphasize our complexion without turning it off or graying it. The face is the focal point of every elegant woman; it is thanks to its brightness that we are able to convey charm and charisma. Which is why we have to be good at choosing the right colors for our skin!

7. Be careful to always choose the right size

Until now, we have advised you to choose to wear things that make you feel good. This is true, but you have to be careful of one thing: the choice of sizes. Often we “persist” in choosing sizes that do not correspond so much to the truth, perhaps because we feel we belong to that size even if in reality we should choose a larger one. Try to have a realistic and relaxed attitude with your size, or with the different sizes that suit you according to the model. The clothes that are too tight when they should dress differently are perhaps the sign that you need to wear an extra size. In short, learn to choose the right size and everything will be easier and chic!

8. An elegant look always has important accessories

A showy jewel, a red lipstick, a flashy shirt. In being chic there is also the possibility of wearing an important element, as long as it is the only one and does not fight with the rest. If you choose a rather rich or demanding necklace, perhaps it is appropriate not to combine it with other heavy jewels, or a top that does not harmonize with the accessory.

9. Invest in bare colored shoes

The nude color shoes lengthen the silhouette and make any more tapered calf. Choose the simplest pair possible, with a few decorations and frills, and you will see that they will work wonders in making you chic with many different types of looks! Take a look, you’ve probably never thought about buying a pair, but often you happen to see the most famous stars with this type of décolleté. This is because they are versatile, elegant and above all able to enhance even the least slender legs. In short, I am the little black dress of the shoe!

10. An elegant woman does not forget the manicure!

That’s right, never be found with untreated hands. Stop eating your nails, if that’s your problem, because it will ruin your hands even in the long run. The same applies to the enamel: if you have to leave it chipped or ruined, rather do not put it. You can make a perfect manicure in a few steps and also solve this problem. And if you don’t like colored nail polish or don’t know how to handle it well, don’t worry: nude or light pink nail polish is a real salvation!

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