Making a Notebook With Your Own Hands

Making a Notebook

To make a note about an important meeting or to record business information, mobile phones and tablets are most often used. But using modern gadgets is not always convenient and appropriate. For example, during business meetings, it is customary to make notes in notebooks and notebooks. Such office attributes give status and business look. However, notebooks are used not only for work purposes: many kids like to draw in such mini-albums, write in the innermost thoughts or use them as a school questionnaire for classmates. And in order not to spend a significant part of the budget on such an office, we offer how to make a notebook with your own hands!

Purpose of making a notebook

Before embarking on creativity, you should decide which notebook you need and for what purposes. Depending on the destination, notebooks may look completely different. This concerns not only the color range but also the form:

  1. Notebooks for work (diaries) look pretty restrained. The cover should be dim shades, often made of thick cardboard covered with material or leather. Internal sheets in working notebooks are mostly linear; there is a mark to record the date and time.
  2. Stylish notebooks choose creative individuals who prefer to stand out from the crowd. Such notebooks for such people most often have an unusual design, multi-colored pages, and bright bookmarks.
  3. Small notebooks are useful for small notes and children’s drawings. They easily fit in your pocket and can always be at hand.

On the pages of notebooks, it is convenient to make the necessary notes, sketches, as well as at the right time they are suitable for recording recipes of your favorite dishes. Original and stylish look notebooks handmade. These accessories are not without individuality and can serve as an excellent gift. You can order a handmade notebook on the needle websites or in specialized stores. Prices, however, for such a product made by hand, will be high. And it is not always possible to choose exactly the design that will fit the mood and personality in general. That is why we suggest making a notebook on your own, with a minimum of effort and a maximum of imagination.

The article offers a selection of masterclasses of varying degrees of complexity: from a simple version of making a notebook with your own hands, which can be done with a child, to a more complex one that requires paperwork skills.

Children’s notebook in the origami technique

Small in size with bright colorful leaves, such a homemade notebook for children can be made at home, spending a minimum amount of materials and time. For the manufacture of crafts you will need:

  • several sheets of double-sided colored paper;
  • a sheet of paper for scrapbooking;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • simple pencil;
  • PVA or glue stick.

Step by Step Job Description

  1. From the color sheets, prepare the same squares with a side equal to 20 cm. You should have 5 square details: 4 plain-colored for sheets, 1 colored for the cover.
  2. Now cut every single square in half. Should get 8 strips.
  3. Fold one of the strips in half lengthwise. Then bend a 4-fold accordion out of it.
  4. Similarly, prepare similar parts (accordions) from the remaining bands.
  5. Now connect all the parts in one long harmonica and glue the joints.
  6. Collect the bent strip into a stack and put a heavy object on top (a stack of books).
  7. From the colored square, fold the beautiful cover. Fold the upper parts inward and, wrapping the folded blank with the pages, make the necessary bends.
  8. The final touch – inserts the pages in the binding and secure with glue.

Cheerful colorful notebook ready! Such a functional paper hack will be a great souvenir for friends. Even a novice master, mastering the basics of working with paper, can make a beautiful notebook.

Mood notepad with multicolored pages

Admit that writing on color pages is much more pleasant than filling out white sheets! That is why we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the phased production of such a recording accessory and boldly get to work. You will need colored sheets of office paper, cardboard for the cover, felt or thick fabric, a hole punch, ribbons or rings for fastening sheets, decorative elements for decoration, magazine clippings with funny inscriptions and sayings, glue or stapler.

The work on making such a colorful notebook will not take too much time, and as a result, you will receive an individual product that will be charged with a positive and colored with bright colors of the same type of everyday life.

Working process

Page preparation

  1. Cut the inner sheets of the same size for the notebook. It can be either blank notebook sheets or colored blanks.
  2. Put the details of your future notebook in an even pile in random order. It is better if the leaves will alternate in color.
  3. For a change, the edges and corners of some pages can be cut with curly scissors or a hole punch.
  4. Then at the same distance from the edge of the hole punch round holes. If you cannot pierce the entire stack of pages at once, then make holes in small pieces.

Cover making

  1. From thick cardboard cut 2 rectangles in size slightly larger than notebook pages (add 0.5 – 1 cm on each side).
  2. Glue the cardboard on one side of the adhesive colored paper or felt (thick cloth).
  3. To make the cover more durable, use a decorative zigzag stitch along the edges of the cover.
  4. Punch holes at the same distance as the pages.

The final work on the assembly of the notebook and decoration

  1. Put all the blanks in a flat stack so that the holes from the hole punch match.
  2. Then insert the braid into the holes and tie the knot tightly. In order to use the sheets of the notebook to turn over freely in the process of use, try not to tighten the band too much, but leave it slightly loose. You can also fasten the pages with the help of split rings or a thin elastic band.
  3. On top of the cover, glue a decorative ornament, or simply glue beads and rhinestones.
  4. On some pages, place the statements and magazine clippings. During use, such cute supplements will lift your spirits

The beautiful original notebook is ready!

As you can see, to make such an original accessory is pretty quick and easy. And most importantly, that such a gift will be absolute all the slaves: friends, colleagues, children, young mommies. After all, as you know, notepads are not superfluous!

Author: Sam Owens

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