Retail warehouse tips for business improvements

In simple terms, improving your warehouse means improving your business’s bottom line. Keeping your stock in check and in good condition, making it quick to locate, making use of space and ensuring a happy and productive staff are all essential. With that in mind, here are five tips for getting it right.

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1. The Right Storage Units

This is an obvious point but still one that is often overlooked. More often than not, we use the storage available, but when you’re looking for new Industrial Shelving, buy smart. If you sell many small items or components, nuts and bolts, pens or single tennis balls, consider bin shelving. If you stock clothing, look at how the fashion industry uses belting rotation systems.

2. Vertical Space

Why do so many warehouse spaces have such high ceilings? More importantly, why do they often go unused? Small businesses often fail to maximise storage areas vertically because they believe they already have sufficient space at ground level. However, vertical potential means doubling your space when the business opportunities arise.

3. Detailed Colour-Coded Labels

Labeling is essential in any methodical and efficient warehouse. If you’re not using robots to find item locations, you’re going to need humans using just their eyes. This means that once an item is labeled, you can make sure staff know where to find it with arrows, colour coding and numbers, as they do in libraries. Establishing way-finding routes saves time and increases productivity.

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4. Staff Lockers

Research clearly shows that privacy boosts job performance. In warehousing, however, issues of stock security mean many employers prefer to eliminate privacy options. Humans need privacy and a sense of a particular space at work that belongs to them. In an office, it is your desk, but in a warehouse setting, this is taken away. Check out garage shelving suppliers such as those at

5. Proud to be here

While the work environment has an obvious effect on our attitudes, the difference between an attractive warehouse and an unattractive one can be critical. Employees need to feel some pride in their workplace to continue to come in day after day. A shabby warehouse will always only be a temporary stop, and a loss of experience means a loss of talent.

Author: Richard Brown

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