Tronsmart bluetooth speaker review: Superb gadget from PIxie

tronsmart bluetooth speaker review

Once again it’s time to review a device related to portable sound. On this occasion, we were fortunate to try, at the hand of Tronsmart. Its latest release to the market. The Tronsmart Bluetooth speaker review, a speaker that has managed to surprise us.

When we decide to look for a Bluetooth speaker among the multitude of possibilities that we find in the market we consider several aspects. But what we first have the habit of looking at, the logical thing is the power it offers. In the Element Pixie, we find many more things besides power.  Read our another review on best smartphone recording gadget.

Tronsmart Bluetooth speaker review

tronsmart bluetooth speaker review

The power of a portable speaker is one of its most important features, not to mention that it is the most important of all. But in the current type of consumption, not only does this matter. We want to be versatile, to last long the battery, and also physically be attractive.

The client has become increasingly demanding. And this circumstance means that a large part of manufacturers takes this into account to offer much more complete products. Tronsmart has decided to bet heavily on this increasingly difficult market and for years has been committed to offering quality sound accessories.

The Tronsmart Element Pixie is the latest release of this firm already recognized for the quality and performance offered by its products. And as expected, the new member of the family spreads good taste, power, and style on all four sides. If you want to buy a Bluetooth speaker and you are probing the market note the Tronsmart Element Pixie among the highlights.

In the design section, we have seen everything. Attempts to innovate with results that end up being a mix between futuristic and shabby. Retro styles successful and others not so much. And firms that continue to do the same as always without risking anything to offer something new.



From Tronsmart have bet strongly to bring to the market a product that is different from all the rest. The Element Pixie has a unique grid with a dotted line, where the loudspeaker is placed, manufactured by hand. With overflowing quality finishes. When we see it, and we have it in our hands, we immediately notice that we are dealing with a well-made product.

Its body, metallic rounded on the front, combines perfectly with the plastic on the back. We see how there is an excellent work of assembly so that everything fits perfectly. The detail that can be seen at a glance and that is also felt by touch. As we have said, we are facing a quality product.


Tronsmart bluetooth speaker review

In the upper part, we find the battery charge indicator, a Bluetooth warning light that blinks while trying to connect. And another light “aux” that will light when we connect some device in the auxiliary output. Then, from left to right, we have the control buttons. We have a button to pick up calls, two buttons to control the volume, and one more that serves to play or stop playback (play/pause).

In its back, we find the power button, which we only have to press two seconds to turn on or off. Beside it, the connector for charging, in this case, a micro USB. And then we find the input ports “AUX,” and output “OUT.” As we can see, nothing is missing and nothing is left in the Tronsmart Element Pixie.

At its ends, i.e., on each side of the speaker, we find two subwoofers that make the bass sound clearly and forcefully providing the sound with warmth, definition and above all power. And so that the speaker has stability on any surface, in its lower part it has two rubber pads that keep it firm and without movements.

Sound and definition of the house

Where a manufacturer of sound-related devices stands out is ultimately what it can offer precisely in sound. Beyond whether the design is successful or not. Or that the power offered is acceptable or scarce. The definition and clarity of sound are two of the things that make the most difference.

Sound and definition

The Tronsmart Element Pixie stands out precisely for offering a very pure sound. In addition to other things as we have seen, this speaker can offer a high-level listening experience to which many aspire and very few get. Do you notice that we loved it? The “Super Bass” with which it counts is played, and it is also enjoyed.

The Element Pixie has two double radiators that make it possible to offer bass with depth. Not surprisingly, it has an output power of 15 W . Almost twice what others can offer in speakers of this size. Something that shows as soon as we make it sound at full power. Zero distortion and all power.

Another thing that makes the Tronsmart Element Pixie even more versatile is the technology it has. This speaker is compatible with “True Wireless Stereo.” Thanks to this technology, we can connect two equal speakers to obtain a stereo sound. Double power and all the sound quality at our disposal



The Tronsmart Element Pixie is a speaker capable of keeping up with us for hours. With a single charge, it can play music without rest for up to fifteen consecutive hours. It makes an ideal companion to listen to music outdoors. Autonomy to spare for the longest parties.

The Element Pixie has Bluetooth 4.2 latest generation connectivity. A connection that, in addition to ensuring universal compatibility, guarantees fast pairing. And it makes the stability of the connection excellent.

As we have seen, the Tronsmart Element Pixie has plenty of arguments to become your favorite accessory for music. Level benefits at an irresistible price. If you are still looking for a powerful, beautiful Bluetooth speaker with good autonomy, this is our recommendation. Also thanks to Tronsmart, and a promotional code you can buy it with a 15% discount. Click on the purchase button, copy and paste this: HFW77ZCJ, and enjoy your music!


  • Very successful design
  • Very decent power indoors and outdoors
  • Autonomy to spare for a long musical day


  • The USB cable is somewhat short to be able to use it connected

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