Wedding photos you must capture

How do you ensure you get the most perfect wedding photographs? Knowing which moments to capture is the key. The right images to capture will vary depending on the location, the make-up of the wedding party and the preferences of the couple involved but generally include the following shots.

A more recent trend has been for the photographer or videographer to capture the pre-Wedding period and these might include:

  • The Bridal dress hanging up or artfully draped over a chair
  • A close-up of the bride’s shoes
  • Close-ups of the bouquets
  • The bride having her hair and or-make-up done
  • The bridesmaid’s having their hair done
  • The bride slipping on her garter
  • Mum helping her daughter put the dress on
  • The bride together with her bridesmaids
  • Bride hugging her mum
  • The flower girls getting ready
  • A full-length shot of the bride as she’s ready to go
  • The groom getting ready with his best man
  • The groom talking to his father

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Great shots to capture during the ceremony include:

  • The groom anxiously awaiting the arrival of his bride
  • The bride as she gets out of the car
  • A wide shot of the ceremony venue from the rear
  • The guests arriving
  • People being shown to their seats
  • The arrival of the bridesmaids. For a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, visit
  • Close-up shots of the decorations, pews and guest book for example
  • The bride’s walk down the aisle from the front and back
  • A close-up of the groom as he sees her face for the first time
  • A rear shot of the bride and groom together at the altar
  • Both sets of parents
  • The kiss
  • Walking back up the aisle as a married couple

Images you’ll want before the reception begins:

  • The couple together hugging, smiling and kissing
  • Sitting on the groom’s lap or being carried
  • The bride with her parents
  • The groom with his parents
  • The groom with his best man and groomsmen
  • The bride with her bridesmaids
  • The couple walking hand in hand and looking off in the same direction

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At the reception party:

  • You’ll definitely want shots of the reception room decorations and table settings before the guests arrive
  • A wide shot image of the venue
  • Special greetings during the receiving line
  • The first dance
  • The groom dancing with his mum and the bride with her father
  • Best man making his toast and speech
  • A slow shutter speed to capture guests getting groovy on the dancefloor
  • Lots of close-ups of guests smiling and laughing
  • Children and grandparents dancing
  • Cutting the cake
  • Shots of the band and DJ




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