How to Get Great Drone Footage

To really make your shots stand out and be more cinematic you should aim for slow movements with the drones control stick, avoiding sudden veering from one direction to another. A good way to practice this is to use your drones cinematic mode which reduces the speed and rates of the controls resulting in much smoother and more controlled movements that look far more cinematic.

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Another trick for achieving cinematic tracking shots is to fly your drone slightly higher than the subject, this helps avoid flying into them and allows you to achieve a very smooth and fluid motion that looks fantastic when played back. For example this type of shot is commonly known as a ‘follow track’ or a ’leader track’ and it can really make your footage look professional and really bring the viewer into your scene. For advice on Drone Filming, go to Sky Power, a supplier of Drone Filming services.

Drones aren’t immune to the whirring of their propellers and this can often be visible in your footage, ruining the overall look. One way to combat this is to always use a wide angle lens on your camera and to zoom in during post-production only if absolutely necessary, this will keep the video clean of distracting moving objects.

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Using high quality neutral density (ND) filters is also essential in capturing cinematic footage. These are essentially sunglasses for your drone camera and help regulate light levels, allowing you to shoot at much lower shutter speeds which will give your shots that extra bit of dynamism and professional looking results.

Author: Niru Taylor

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