Does print still matter in marketing?

Perhaps you are wondering if print is still relevant as part of your business marketing. Has it not been overtaken by digital marketing and been made redundant?

The answer to this question, surprisingly, is no. Print marketing is still highly relevant and plays an important role in the modern marketing mix – something that marketing strategy consultants will tell you if you’re looking for a way to boost the success of your business strategy.

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In fact, when delivered hand in hand with planned digital marketing, the right print activities can boost the power of your brand and the success of your campaigns. The trick to success lies in proper planning.

You need clear objectives, processes, and success measures so you know whether your print is really working for you, and what its purpose really is. Once in place, you must also invest in ongoing measurement and tracking to see what is working and what isn’t.

Choosing how to use your marketing print

Most businesses will find that a few print basics can take them quite a long way. For example, a small business might find value in flyers, business cards and things like posters or exhibition stands if they do trade shows. Or you may find that promo print materials are useful for specific occasions, promotions or campaigns.

Brochures are still relevant for some businesses. For many, however, it will be preferable to do an online, digital version that can easily be updated and changed at a low cost.

Deciding what print to use

Reputable marketing strategy consultants such as can help you to review your broader marketing strategy, understand what your customers want and tailor a print marketing strategy that sits with your digital activity and delivers your intended goals.

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Every business can benefit from print, and with the right plan in place, it’s possible to maximise these gains and see a true ROI for your business. Consider using the expertise of a marketing strategy agency and you’ll maximise the chances of success with your integrated digital and print marketing strategy.

Author: Richard Brown

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