The Importance of Intruder Detection For Your Business

How can you detect intruders entering your business?

While more complex security devices like security cameras often get the most attention, intrusion detection is a key component of any burglar alarm system. These devices are the first to notify monitoring stations when they detect unauthorised movement in protected areas and can alert both property owners and police. Intrusion sensors can include door contacts, motion detectors and glass break sensors. When you need Integrated security solutions, go to

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A motion sensor can detect a person’s heat energy through the use of multiple ‘fingers’ that fan out from the bottom of the device. When the sensor senses a change in any of these fingers, it triggers an alarm, much the way a flashlight lights up a darkened room. The newest motion sensors are smart enough to differentiate between background movement and human body heat, which helps to reduce false alarms caused by insects or small animals. They also have built-in sensitivity settings that allow for finer control over the area of protection.

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A commercial alarm system can deter burglars by creating a strong visual deterrent that sends trespassers running. It can also alert a monitoring station when a trespasser enters the premises, providing the peace of mind that your employees and assets are protected when you’re not in the office. Additionally, it can help to lower your insurance premiums by decreasing the chances of a burglary occurring on the premises.

Author: Niru Taylor

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