How your small business can protect itself from Fraud or Money laundering

Unfortunately, Fraud, Scams and Money Laundering are all on the rise as hardened criminals target small businesses in order to con them out of their companies money. The best and most effective way to protect your small business from these unscrupulous criminals is to invest in AML ID VERIFICATION and Credit Checks, usually carried out by professional companies such as  These checks are thorough and comprehensive, involving personal address details, business premises and locations, Credit Card transactions, and any individual associated with a potential future customer or business partner. Don’t let your company be their next Victim, defend against this type of attack, arm your business with its best possible defence system and make sure you, your staff and all your innocent customers are protected.

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Cybercrime is an on-line criminal activity that is quickly rising and unfortunately innocent individuals are just as much at risk from bogus text, and Whatsapp messages, Email scams, and even direct phone calls from scammers as small businesses. Tragically, the news has been full of innocent individuals who have lost their life savings after being targeted by these cowardly con artists.

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The good news is that the major high-street Banks are all aware of this type of activity and most have incorporated security checks if large amounts of money is requested from your accounts. Be safe, don’t follow links on your phone that you are suspicious about and check every message from a number that you don’t recognise before answering it.

Author: Richard Brown

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