How a Dirty Environment Can Impact Health

Air pollution has been linked to an array of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory problems. According to the World Health Organization, pollution is responsible for the premature deaths of approximately six million people each year. It also lowers productivity and impacts the number of business days lost to sickness. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that exposure to air pollution increases the risk of emphysema by six to eight times higher than smoking a pack of cigarettes.

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The global health consequences of air pollution are many and varied. Environmental hazards such as wildfires, toxic pesticides, and dust can all affect human health. They are also damaging to crops and water sources. Clean, accessible water is also crucial for public health and safety. The cost of addressing these problems can be massive such as investing in sanitation and environmental risk reduction.

The effects of air pollution on human health have been documented for years. It has been proven that a dirty environment increases the likelihood of developing various diseases, such as asthma and viruses. Additionally, studies have shown that a healthy environment also reduces the incidence of death due to infectious diseases. Furthermore, a healthy environment improves the quality of life for children and adults alike. This applies to the workplace too and with these improvements, employees can enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment and improve their quality of life. For information on Contract Cleaning Cheltenham, visit a site such as

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A clean and sanitary workplace environment benefits everyone involved, from the staff on the ground to management and stakeholders. When less sick days are taken, it improves the productivity and bottom line of any type of business. Having a clean and organized workplace does more than just boost morale. A well-maintained workspace boosts employee satisfaction and can help your business achieve its goals. It creates a professional environment and attracts employees. A satisfied employee is a productive one. A cluttered workspace can lead to physical irritation and reduce employee motivation. A well-maintained workplace can keep everyone feeling good and boost your business’s bottom line.

A well-maintained work environment is a healthy workplace. A clean office can reduce the risk of employee sickness. A cluttered or unclean workplace can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Even a simple task such as picking up garbage can lead to health problems. A cluttered office may also encourage pests.

A clean workplace creates an environment that is pleasant to work in. This makes employees more motivated, leading to higher productivity. Additionally, a clean workplace helps to improve employee morale, which can affect employee satisfaction and productivity. A well-maintained office can also help your business avoid litigation and other health issues. As a result, a clean and tidy workplace can benefit your company in many ways.




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