How To Get The Child Interested In Reading?

How To Get The Child Interested In Reading?

With the advent of tablets and computers and with them a variety of colorful, interesting games, the problem of reading has become especially acute for school-age children. Less and less often children are interested in reading, they are bored, not interested, reading books requires assiduity and concentration, which children often simply do not want to exercise. In addition, a large number of children have formed a kind of block in their heads: they are forced to read books at school, which means they cannot be interesting.

At the same time, reading forms the outlook of a child increases vocabulary and promotes the development of imagination. A child reads a book and, as it were, looks at the world through the eyes of another person, which means that he learns to look at the situation from different angles, to better understand people, to put himself in their place. Without reading, in the end, do not get 5-Ku in school. This, however, should not mean that one must read from under a stick, force, insist and pronounce the cherished “no computer until you read 2 chapters.”

How To Get The Child Interested In Reading?

The task of the school and the parent is not only to teach the child to read but also to interest the books. Unfortunately, schools often do not cope with the task. Teachers can teach, but to instill a love of books is much more difficult. Often, parents have to take control of the situation in their own hands. We will tell you how to get your child interested in reading.

When should a child start reading?

To avoid asking questions about how to interest a child and teach how to read with interest, start exploring books at an early age. The child must understand that the book is an integral attribute of the life of each person, and of his life in particular. While the child still cannot read, he can play with books instead of toys. The main thing is to instill in the respect for the book in the time that it is impossible to crumple pages, tear, draw, spoil.

Let the books be freely available where the kid can reach them. Do not forget to read the child before bedtime, children tend to imitate adults, and therefore, for complete interest, the child should see you as often as possible with a book in their hands. Choose interesting books, be interested in what your child likes. Adults who love to read, in childhood, as a rule, wanted to learn how to read as soon as possible, so that you could read independently, in any quantity, regardless of parents.

6 tips to get your child interested in reading

How To Get The Child Interested In Reading?

1. Combine reading with acting

When you are reading a book to a child, try to discard the slurred bubbling and inexpressive intonations. Such reading brings boredom, I want to yawn and quickly change a lesson to something more exciting. Pause, stress, and highlight words with voice. Speak heroes, speak in a thin voice, then an impressive bass. Show your acting skills! There is no need to be a shy child. Such reading really interests the child and works equally well in children of any age, from preschoolers to fifth graders.

How To Get The Child Interested In Reading?

2. Use a common artistic technique – cliffhanger

If you have ever read a book with interest or watched a TV series, you are probably familiar with such a concept as a cliffhanger. The head or series of the series ends with a tense event, an unexpected turn, I want to know as soon as possible what will happen next. So the creators of the series warmed interest in the next series, and the authors of the books force readers to turn the page and begin the next chapter. Use this technique when reading to a child. Do you feel that the story is coming to a climax, is about to happen, something will happen that will change the fate of the character? Stop reading. Put the book aside, tell the child what you will read next tomorrow. As a rule, children are so interested to know what will happen next, that they are trying to start reading on their own. In pedagogy, this method is called the Kassil method.

How To Get The Child Interested In Reading?

3. Give the child the right to choose.

Today, children do not read as readily as children read 10-20 years ago. This is a problem not only for parents but also for book publishers. Therefore, for their part, they are doing everything possible to attract young readers: illustrations on the pages, bright, eye-catching covers. Let your child choose a book by himself. Go to the bookstore, and they do not customize, give the opportunity to walk between the rows of books, see everything, and hold your favorite copies in your hands. Or visit the library, perhaps the child will enjoy the special atmosphere and beauty of countless book rows.

How To Get The Child Interested In Reading?

4. Show that you can read from your favorite gadget

Modern children are used to always hold a phone or tablet in their hands. They are almost not attracted by the rustle of pages, the smell of typography, and this is completely normal. Teach your child to use mobile applications for reading, perhaps, so it will be more comfortable and familiar to read. In the end, what’s the difference, a regular book or an e-book, if a child reads it?

How To Get The Child Interested In Reading?

5. Heat interest and develop fantasy by drawing parallels and asking questions.

Some kids find it difficult to empathize with the heroes, and therefore, to be fully interested in the plot. These are all some incomprehensible, distant characters from him, why should he be interested? While reading books, in the process of readings try to ask the child questions: does he like the character? Who does he look like from relatives or friends? To make a child, find yourself in the place of the hero of the story? Take the initiative; try to draw a parallel between the characters and the people that your young reader knows. As soon as the child realizes that the characters of the book are much closer to him and the people who surround him, it will become more interesting to read.

How To Get The Child Interested In Reading?

6. Choose books with colorful illustrations.

No, this does not mean that the child will consider the pictures in the book instead of reading. A little reader is much easier to immerse themselves in the plot or atmosphere of the book if he can peek at how everything looked. The child sees the places, the main characters, landscapes, it is easier for him to imagine what is happening. As we have said, book publishers today are interested in attracting little readers, so even if it’s about Harry Potter, it is possible to find an edition with colorful, amazingly elaborated illustrations.

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