How to earn some extra cash as a student

Where there’s a will, there’s a wage. There are some wonderfully inventive ways to earn a few bob, you just need a bit of imagination and some creativity. Here are some ideas to top up your student loan:

Online Surveys

You can indeed earn up to £5 for completing questionnaires and surveys online and also receive free samples. It can take a while to build up enough points to redeem for money transferred to your paypal account or vouchers, but if you’ve got some time on your hands and don’t mind filling in surveys then this is a viable option.


Casual gig websites like Fiverr enable those with a bit of creativity to earn some extra dosh. You can earn money doing virtually anything, talented or not. Be careful what you sign up for though. One guy earns money by appearing at birthday parties rubbing chocolate sauce over his stomach and singing ‘Happy Birthday’!

Sell your locks

If you have long tresses and don’t mind sporting a short ‘do’ for a while, you might consider selling your hair. Yes, this is a real thing and the longer the better when it comes to how much you can get paid for it.

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Sell your notes

If you still have your revision notes from past courses or exams, you can sell these on a website called Note Sale to help other students on the same course or studying the same subjects.

Sell your books

The same goes for your old course and text books. You can post ads online on sites like eBay or Amazon for example.

Participate in a medical trial

Do your bit for medical science and get paid for it! If you’re fit and healthy with some time to commit, then consider Paid Research Studies with

Try your hand at tutoring

If you’ve got lots of patience and plenty of useful knowledge to share, why not register as a private tutor in your local area? There are numerous sites that you can register with.

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Premium driveway space

If you have an unused drive and live in a premium location, why not turn that empty space into some spare cash? You can rent out parking spaces on sites like Just Park. This can work really well if you’re close to a major attraction or sporting venue for example.

Be a TV extra

If you can land a part as an extra, you can earn up to £100 a day just for hanging around a TV set and maybe walking past the camera a few times! You’re unlikely to hit the big time but there’s worse ways to earn money and most agencies are free to sign up to.


Author: Richard Brown

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